Meeting Notes 2014-01-22

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Q: What are you currently hacking on? A: Mac is hacking sewing machines, making a hat rack, and bikes, and fixing sudo sewing machines!; Arnas is currently not hacking on anything; Chris Bee is currently hacking sound (all of it); Matt is hacking on his camper trailer, and fixing sudo sewing machines!; Daniel hacking on Cisco switches; Nathan is hacking on Indian food. and the public school system; Ryan hacking on a fuel tank. with fiberglass. and sanding.; Sam is hacking on automation; Gaurav hacking on his laptop here; Jordan hacking health; Jenny hacking on networks; James hacking on modules


  • Calendar
  • #Jan25: Daylong educational event on the ongoing Egyptian revolution - this Friday starting at 3pm
  • This Saturday's Today We Learned involves building compost toilets!
  • Machine Learning Meetup at noon in Berkeley on Saturday. (Now on the sudoroom calendar)
  • Stop the Domain Awareness Center event - Feb. 4th @ Oakland City Hall
  • Next Omni meeting is Thursday, Feb. 6th from 7-10pm
  • Oakland Makers meetup was today; organizing the makers of Oakland

Past Action Items

  • Ink donation jar - Juul - not done
  • Investigate integrating Stripe and/or Balanced Payments [Jenny, Bill]
    • Seems Stripe is better for recurring billing (Balanced's recurring billing system is still in beta: - this is essential for us. Let's try Stripe!)
  • Look into other hackerspaces'<3 accounting system [Jenny]
    • GNU Cash looks most interesting - otherwise not much in the way of FOSS tools for finances:
  • Get new lease for 2141 Broadway (update to sign with "sudo room" as an entity) - Matt - pending response from George
  • Reword proposal on problematic non-members (Jenny, Brendan)
  • slay zombie events that show up when importing from calendar
  • follow up on the stuff here

Fiscal Solvency

  • $204.11/week from Gittip!
  • Minimum membership dues: $2.50/wk; Recommended: $15/wk; Endless gratitude: $25/wk, high-fives from a million angels: $100/wk.
  • Current balance: at least $7700
  • Daniel suggests a visual aid to show visitors our fiscal needs and current status

Amendments to Articles of Association

1. [Postponed] Final consensus on yar's filming proposal, which was unanimously approved on Dec. 18th meeting:

  • Discussion around the wording of #1B (alternative wordings in the link above)
  • Philip suggests looking into the 'Right to Delete' policies of various European countries - + tight windows for keeping data - Privacy by Design

The following were not discussed this week, but will go on the agenda for next week:

2. [Postponed] That members don't ever have to show up in person if they don't want voting rights.

  • Brendan proposes to strike this as unnecessary

3. [Postponed] To empower members to deal with problematic non-members, non-members can be thrown out at any time by a member if that members feel they are being a problem, _unless_ some other member present in the space is willing to vouch for the member as a guest. Non-members being asked to leave must be told that they can further discuss the incident at a Wednesday meeting or on the mailing list.

  • We need to have a policy on this, but should be written in a more nonviolent manner.

4. [Postponed] Non-members can use the space as much as they want when other members are present, but cannot access the space when no members are there and have to leave when the last member leaves.

  • Not enough members to reach quorum, push to next week

conflict resolution

new members

  • Mack [cleaning, organizing, fixing sewing machines]
  • Gaurav [Gittip]


  • Yar suggests we rotate bureacracy meetings with hacknights!
  • Jenny suggests we add a 'New Members' section to the meeting agenda - Matt done
  • Calendar situation
  • Jordan suggests a 'sudo diff' approach to hacking the Articles of Incorporation [delete liberally, add succinctly]

Action Items

  • Move to Stripe [Jenny / Matt]
  • Poke Laurie re: new lease [Matt]
  • Reword proposal on problematic non-members (Jenny, Brendan)
  • fill out statement of information sometime soon [Jenny, ?]
  • finish setting up bank acct [Matt, friends]
  • Publish the new member minimum dues policy to the Articles of Association on-wiki. [Mack] - DONE
  • Hack on Bylaws / Articles of Assoc [Mac / Jordan / Marina, friends]