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Q: What are you looking forward to? A:...

  • Matt - the summer
  • Amy - getting accustomed
  • Billy - I'm the kind of guy who breaks the format, I'm more of an "in the moment" person, everything's perfect for me, however it shows up, it's God's perfect world. It's not really a looking-forwardness type of guy.
  • Noemie - sudo reboot
  • Pratap - CorpWatch - Drupal-based project to map corporations, looking forward to learning about sudo!
  • Ira - first time here, new member. Not much of a looking-forward type person, without the God part. Nothing ever turns out the way you expect it to. Just plan things and see what happens, just deal with it as it occurs. I try to live in the moment but I'm not very good at it.
  • Marc - Looking forward to all of our projects coming to fruition that we've been working on for a year or more!
  • Jeremy - Looking forward to this /very/ meeting ;)
  • Yar - Looking forward to a time when we have fewer meetings


  • Ira Brightman - event hosting - comedian, "God, Hitler, and Life-Extension" about health and life-extension research, it's funny.
  • Pratap - Corp Watch
    • Created a project called crocodyl (though currently down)
    • Heard about the meeting at an aspiration tech meeting
  • ghoooooosts


  • Marc - dog poop in the common room, not the first time, not appropriate. Feels like Billy has been using the common room as a living room, told Billy he couldn't have his dog here inside the common room.
  • Billy - data has changed, you can take them or leave them:
    • This place is like "anothe room to me" I live here, next door. Obviously it's extremely important to me. At this point, it isn't that important, it's of little to moderate importance. It's like a second room. I don't have a driver's license, so when I go out and look for other sources, so if I go out without my license, then I'll lose my car for a month. I do pay a $10/mo donation. That's the end of the background
  • Major points:
    • When the dog dooties, it's rock-hard.
    • When I'm done cleaning it, it's cleaner than before.
    • But really major points that are heavy-duty:
      • I've decided to come here 80% left
      • Measuring at ~6 duties in the last year, coming here 1.5 hours per day, so this will be drastically reduced.
      • Thinks this is within reason to give a second chance.
      • 6*0.20 = 1.2 dooties a year
        • Gonna change the dootie-cycle
      • Worst scenario is I clean the dooty, a few slip through, the alternative is I could lose the car. Low risk for you, big benefit for me.
      • Now I feed the dog at night, so if anything she'll dooty in my room, which she's never done before. I was feeding her in the morning, so now it makes it less likely she'll dooty in the common space during the day, she'll be asleep in my room at night.
  • Billy - Proposed that he'll change the management of the dog's dooties, and if there's another dooty, he'll take responsibility for it.
    • No one has an issue with this, consenso.

Notes before meeting:

  • Billy, about his dog ("It'll be five minutes, I'm real concise").
    • Planning to come in the common space 80% less.
      • No particular reason
    • 6 dooties in full history, you're lucky to get a dooty-per-year going forward
    • Claims that the carpet is cleaner after he cleans up than before the dooty
    • Give me another chance, not going to be a big deal

  • Noemie, documentary discussion (15 minutes)
    • What does it mean to make an "open source" documentary?
  • Started doing a documentary about sudo room.
  • One of the ideas I had was to make the documentary open source. There are a lot of consequences of this, so I wanted to discuss it with you and wanted to implement this idea with your consent in a way that is safe and respectful of everybody's needs and ideas.
  • To sum up quickly:
    • What's the idea?
      • The footage will be available online for the sudo community
      • People will be able, as the process of the film is happening, to use the footage, and upload their own footage, music, etc. And be free to use the footage for their own use and use their own
      • It's an opportunity to create an open source tool for collaborative editing, this is cool.
      • A few folks have asked about accessing the footage, that's why this is a good time to start talking about it.
      • Also, now is a good time to see if I can find a good protocol that functions for everybody and that everybody is comfortable with.
    • I have a few options and a few ideas for how it could be done, but first:
      • How do you feel? Any concerns?
        • Waiting to hear more of the proposal
      • Remarks:
        • Only post things for which people depicted have consented
        • Use a delay before upload
        • Biggest question is around privacy--how would this footage be accessible? Options include:
          • Restricted only to the community
          • Restrict only some of the content to the community
          • Pick and choose what is accessible, based on clip
      • Questions:
        • What license?
          • Not clear yet, seeking advice and input, not sure about /everything/ that is at stake with the license.
          • Looking at: Creative Commons Attribution, Share-Alike 4.0, Unported (nearly same as Wikipedia)
          • Would like to talk more about this
        • What about retracting footage?
          • That's why there's a delay before posting, but there is nuance.
          • So things that are concerning, what happens?
            • Marc suggests:
              • Maybe do it like this: Upload video into system, accessible to the community
              • Not licensed yet.
              • Then, after the video is reviewed, it is published with the license
          • So what about people changing their mind?
            • One way to mitigate, is signing a release.
        • We want to be open, but we also want to filter through the community, meaning let the editing take place only for community members, then upload the final products up, so everything is fully filtered.++
        • Matt - When you edit something together, context is so key, so the people participating in the collective, that's really the only people who are going to make sense of these things, so w/o knowing the context, you'll lose the thread, so it's unlikely people outside of the circle will have a hard time (won't want to participate).
      • First step is restricting access to the footage, then second will be editing. Will discuss "use cases" or potential "editor/users" later.

Proposed process:

  • First, review all footage, remove all sequences with any person who has not consented to be filmed/recorded.
  • Then, upload to collaborative editing tool, do not apply license, let the community review
  • Remove anything that is problematic
  • Then, publish (publicly-ish or something) with a CC-BY-SA license
  • Remix, allow people to use it for w/e
  • Finish Film
  • Rinse, repeat.

New Members (5 minutes max)

Potential members can ask for an excepton from contributing membership dues based on refusal to participate in the monetary system or financial hardship. One must request this exception, with an explanation, at a sudo room meeting. There is no rule about work-trade, but sudo room does support and depend on members, potential members, and our wider community to contribute in non-monetary ways--and it is an explicit goal to encourage this, as outlined in the Articles of Association.

  • enabling them? with orientation? [jeremy]
  • Pratap

Consensus Items

Matt's proposal

Matt proposed a simplified alternative to this policy here:

  • Please compare, there are differences here.
    • What are the differences? All I can see is negating the tour and intro to sudo values, which seems pretty important to me, and articulation of 'partial member' status. More down with the original proposal.
      • Proposed addition in bold:
   Partial members must be introduced to sudo room's values and be given  a  tour of the space - including how to lock up the space - after or during the sudo room weekly meeting where   they became partial members, of if they are not present, at their   earliest convenience. 
        • If this is not included in the initial introductory phase of a partial member, we should articulate it as part of a new full-member onboarding process along with protocol for documenting projects on the wiki and adding events to the calendar. I'm down to work on 'new member onboarding' proposal for next week.

Section 2.1b Process for becoming a member (marc's proposal)

  • To become a member, a person must submit a brief written or spoken Declaration of Intent to Join where they answer the following questions:
    • Why do you want to be a member of sudo room?
    • What are you excited about hacking at sudo room?
    • What are you excited about sharing with sudo room?
  • It is only possible to become a member at the weekly sudo room meeting. Prospective new members should attend if possible but can submit a written declaration if they are not able to attend.
  • At the sudo room weekly meeting, all prospective members must leave the room while the existing members have a chance to bring up any concerns or reasons why the prospective member should not be allowed membership (This shall be referred to as the Initial Pondering).
    • The intent is for it to be very easy for new members to join, so only very serious concerns should be brought up.
    • If any existing member objects to a prospective new member becoming a member, and this cannot be resolved through discussion, then the prospective member will not be allowed membership.
    • Unreasonable or frequent blocking of new members by an existing member is grounds for immediate termination of membership based on a 2/3 vote.
  • After the Initial Pondering, if there are no objections, the member becomes a partial member, which means that they have all rights that membership confers, except the following:
    • The right to participate in decisionmaking at the sudo room weekly meeting.
    • The right to throw non-members or sleepers out of sudo room.
  • Partial members must be introduced to sudo room's values and be given a tour of the space after or during the sudo room weekly meeting where they became partial members, of if they are not present, at their earliest convenience.
  • New partial members must be communicated to the sudo rooom mailing list within 24 hours, including their Decleration of Intent to Join.
  • After becoming a partial member, there will be one week for sudo room members to raise objections as to why the partial member should not be allowed to join (This shall be referred to as the Extended Pondering). If objections occur and cannot be resolved through discussion, then the partial member will loose their partial membership and they will be refunded any memberships fees or dues.
  • If after the Extended Pondering there are no unresolved objections, the partial member automatically becomes a full member. No announcement of this change of status is necessary.

Juul also proposes that we add the following article and section:

Matt formalized this proposal here:

   * Put this under the "member" section, seemed logical.
   * Did change the titles to be more clear
   * Is 12 hours too soon? Maybe we should ideate on reasons why a person might be asked to leave. I could see this most often being used when locking up the space (in which case 12hrs seems reasonable), but it could also be the case of a member mustering the bravery to tell a person who's being seriously problematic in the space to leave.

Article 5. Empowerment of members

Section 5.1 Non-member access

  • To empower members to deal with problematic non-members:
    • Any member may deny non-members access to sudo room assets (and require the non-member in question to vacate the physical space) at any time, with no reason given, unless some other member currently present in the space is willing to vouch for the non-member in question as a guest.
    • Before denying a non-member access (and requiring the non-member in question to vacate the physical space), the member must ask both the non-member and the members present in the space if any member is vouching for the non-member as a guest.
    • For a non-member, being denied access (and required to vacate the physical space) is not a ban, and the non-member in question may return after 12 hours.

Section 5.2 Domestic Use

The bay area is in the throes of a housing crisis. Despite the abundance of resources (space, buildings, etc), the distribution of those resources is unfair. For many it can be costly and difficult to fulfill the basic human need of shelter. However, sudo room, as a creative community and hacker space, must maintain a division between habitation and usage of the space. As such the following are resolved:

  • Sudo room is not intended to be used for habitation or domestic purposes.
  • No-one is allowed to sleep in sudo room at any time.
  • Any member can require that anyone sleeping in sudo room must leave immediately.
  • Repeated sleeping at sudo room is grounds for being temporarily or permanently denied access to sudo room's assets, including its physical space.


Action Items

  • fix gittip bank account

Post-Meeting Teamups