Meeting Notes 2014-06-04

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  • please say your name/nick/nym and preferred gender pronoun
  • what's your favorite "phase change"?
  • hol (vaporization, not sublimation)
  • jenny (water turning to hot delicious steam)
  • josh (superheated vapor)
  • keith (sublimation)
  • ryan (liquid nitrogen expansion)
  • phil (puberty)
  • mary (triple point where they all meet)
  • emji (ovid's metamorphosis)
  • cere (colloids cuz they don't do that)
  • niki (deleuzian becomings)
  • david (hypersaturation?)
  • sam (where gravity becomes one with the rest of the forces)
  • patrick (melting is so passe - coagulation of cheese)
  • marc (bose einstein condensate)
  • ira (psychological growth)
  • vicky (can't think of anything so witty...woulda been sublimation but someone already took that) <-- bah
  • yar (when a baby duck's voice quacks)
  • ashley (recombination)
  • matt (eutectic freeze thaw)
  • ahnon (liquid phase)
  • steve (plasma)


(5 mins)

  • there's beer and chocolate!
  • hard copies of lease draft
  • Omni Meeting tomorrow evening, 7pm @ 2141 w/ Jesse (our lawyer) - more time to bring

New Members

(5 mins)

  • josh!

possible event

  • ira
    • god, hitler & life extension
    • one-man comedy show


(5 mins)

  • jenny will pay 260 to omni for inspection (from sudo acct)
  • 150 for waste management to david & niki
  • still waiting for goddamn debit card


(30 mins)


  • let's pay kazoo
  • set up a store?
  • step 1: order blanks
  • screenprinting cheaper than spray painting
  • best done in bulk
  • we're gonna have our own, chill
  • stay diy ^.^
  • jordan & hol battle to buy sudo shirts

Consensus Items

(30 mins)

  • consensus proposal: "We should empower jenny to use her judgement about representing sudo's spirit in signing the omni lease before our next meeting, or in selecting someone else to do it if necessary." (11 yae, 0 nae, 1 abstain) - PASSES
  • we affirm yar is still a delegate too
  • Add to "Empowerment Section":

The procedure for members to deal with persons who have been denied access who refuse to leave the space is:

1. Ask nicely for the person in question to leave.

2. Ask all other members in the space to help you in asking the person in question to leave.

3. Along with all the other members capable of joining you, wait and watch the person in question until they leave.


  • How to enforce?
  • Reach out to blue shirt ambassadors if necessary
    • David would not want to reach out to bsa's
  • burden is falling on the same few people all the time
  • "vibe tribe"
  • why should this be in the articles?
  • catch 22 - how to check if they're a member? we will have a system eventually
  • marc would block right now. should go on the wiki
  • let's ask phil. if he wants to follow through he can
  • general agreement at this meeting that it doesn't belong in the articles

Omni Lease

Jesse (our lawyer) explains:

  • May 2 we signed letter of intent
  • Jesse wrote a lease, sent it to the owners
  • owners changed and added some things
  • emphasizes amazing magical lack of guarantor
  • owner has attorney, makes talking to him legally complicated
  • even while sudoroom signs, no individual is legally liable
  • shouldn't worry about hypotheticals
  • "making more requests will open up more silliness"
  • mostly standard triple-net - landlord has no expense
  • jesse ran numbers suggesting that interest on borrowing the money is less than 13k/month (6%)
  • 10.2a-i - tenant required to fix things at own expense (enters lease as-is)
  • lots of deferred maintenance, more than 13k/mo
  • costs beyond rent include insurance, maintenance, and property taxes
  • capital expenditures? building is as-is. he has no right to tell us to paint walls or whatever.
  • john is getting his guys to fix the dilapidated siding on the exterior of the building, replacing the skylights and replacing the main electrical panel
  • apparently there are already cranes replacing the skylights
  • 9.3 - except for the $25k we're gonna pay for everything
    • "i could talk to you about b for hours"
    • c means everything is gonna be on us
  • lease is all about worst case scenarios
  • john put his face in his hands and said "it's for a good cause"
  • If we're given a written requirement foyr expenditures over $100K, we can safely terminate the lease without additional costs.
  • So long as the building is the same or better condition once we leave, we win even if we don't buy the building
  • We have a contact for cheap/discounted sprinkler system piping materials
  • Worst case scenario on expenses for req'd upgrades on the building is $74,999.99 (for comparison re: large-scale crowdfunding for oakland 'community innovation center': )
  • list of known defects vs inspection report?
    • cantor report is not in his list of known defects
    • but is attached to lease, implying we aren't "required" to fix any of it
  • fear that fundraising events trigger permitting issues
    • bootstrap by having down-low events
    • we have a private club permit already (thanks ahnon)
    • say "this is a preview event for the opening of the omni in october...."
    • approach neighbors first! neighborhood assembly meeting in the omni?
    • invite to host neighborhood meeting in the omni

Action Items

  • announce amendment to the list - let phil know marc would block