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Sudoroom Meeting. Wednesday June 11th 2014


(5 mins)

  • please say your name/nick/nym and preferred gender pronoun
  • what is your favorite form of liquidity?
  • remote yar: molten garlic
  • ChrisB - LSD (it's not really, but you know...) I like coca-cola and everybody hates me for that. Strike that: Mate.
  • Arnas - Liquid Helium (it can crawl up walls)
  • Noemie - Shasta Zazz! (grapefruit caffeine free soda)
  • Alex - my answer was stolen... Tai Chi (that's like straight-up water-dancing)
  • Rob - crystallized prana (the breath and energy that hold it all together)
  • Mike - ... pretzels
  • Anthony "listening in" Repetto - circuitry-backed currencies
  • Jeremy - Metallic Superconductors!
  • Matt - It might be Capital (~$2 million's worth preferably).
  • Daniel - masala chai latte
  • Scott - Benadryl and any/all Sudo discussions that do not involve Timon.
  • Faust - No fear! Poetic flow!
  • Phil - Mutable identity. (Crowd: "Oh wow")


(5 mins)

  • Couple of people arrested at Oscar Grant plaza, but it's okay?
  • Brittany "I like this place. I apologize for interrupting the meeting ;)"
  • Alex - Sewing circle starting sometime this week that will be on the calendar! It is needed (men & women invited). Gossip encouraged. Let's pretend we're old ladies.
  • The Omni - happening tomorrow.

New Members

(5 mins)

  • Alex - Requests exception based on financial need.
    • yar can vouch that alex cleans this place like a mofo like every day
  • Mike (but he's not sure yet...)


(5 mins)


(30 mins)


Expected move-in date: July 1 Get Steve to help!!! He's _super_ efficient. Do we know any piano movers? Contact Phil for moar info.


  • yar can be the point of contact for coordinating and scheduling but will need much help for actually doing the things
    • What is your preferred contact medium? Email, phone?
    • Can you plan to maintain volunteer list? to add to
    • email is best, i can give phone to individual people out of band

Planning brainstorm

  • Vehicles? How many? Rental?
    • Vanguarden
    • Jeremy's vehicle
    • Ozzie? AWZEE? O-Z? ahh--"Azi"! Can we borrow Maude, the box truck, puh-leeease?
    • Arnas's car if we can guilt him into showing up on particular times and dates.
    • Lilia's gnarly pickup truck?
    • Bike trailers n shit
    • Jeremy - Uhaul rental - investigating prices?
    • ChrisB - Food Not Bombs truck? cool for overnight move. Ask Gabby.
    • Spacepod (jenny's car) available - contact jake! jenny back the 21st
  • What dates?
  • Plan!
    • Make three types (piles?) of stuff:
      • Junk (don't move)
      • Moveables (move now!)
      • Essentials (hang on until last minute)
    • short list of difficult items:
      • pews (6 :)
      • piano
      • Shelving (in closet) oh my gawd
      • CNC mill (over 50 lbs?)
        • Jeremy to talk to Jack about his mill!
      • Refrigerator
      • Board Room Table
      • Game/telecom console
      • Anything we want from building storage
      • amps, cabinets, music equipment, drums, etc
      • Duplicator
      • Large laser printer

Events and Milestones

  • Going-Away Party (or just a housewarming?)
    • maybe a cleanup party, that's all i think (+1, lol)
      • + 1 million
  • "Garage Sale" - Things we have that we don't want to s(c)hlep(p) to the new space
  • Leaving the front door login? Or dismantle it?
    • Mark wants to take it with us

Community resources:

  • The Steve
    • Car
    • Hand-trucks, dollies, moving pads, etc
  • Vangaurden (van) available for use!
  • Matt has a hand-truck to bring

Table to next meeting:

  • Move-In concerns for new space
    • Minimum for 1 July, plans forward

New Location



Final final draft, probably draft available tonight, signing tomorrow

Consensus Items

(30 mins)

Safe Space / Culture

  • Jeremy
    • Common space is common, so folks want to use it in many different ways (piano, music, etc). Lots of unscheduled events, makes things confusing, causes tension and conflict.
    • A few days ago, there was some initial uneasiness with one particular person, Tyler (from Calgary).
      • This person (Tyler) began referring to women in a derrogatory fashion, which made members feel uncomfortable. Wasn't clear who would or would not say something.
      • This behavior was repeated, and finally Jeremy confronted them, using language like "Babes". Issue escalated to repeating the phrase "Beach Babes".
      • Seemed like intentionally trying to create tension.
    • Some sudoers asked this person and other persons who were being disruptive to leave.
    • Negative, disrespectful response.
    • One of these individuals informed multiple members they would be present for tonight's meeting and are not here.
    • Space was really tense, Tyler was very standoffish. Lots of negativity in communication.
    • Concerned that this person may come back, though it seems like they may not.
    • Tyler reported that he left his backpack outside, it was stolen, and justified returning basd on this. Unclear if his backpack was /actually/ storing.
  • Scott: Tyler was kicked out by Scott on Monday, for 12 hours. He came back. Had his bag with him when he left.
    • Tyler tried to take-off with someone's bike, it wasn't clear if it had been gifted to him or not. Scott told him to bring the bike back.
  • Anthony
    • Tyler explained that Sunflower had told Tyler he could stay here at sudo room for the week. Anthony confronted Sunflower about this. He told both of them that Tyler needed to leave, Sunflower contested this notion.
    • This is a theme of issues "Isn't this a community space?"
  • Noemie
    • But it's also a safe space?
  • Faust
    • A really big colorful sign that says "Hello, this is Sudo Room, and you can't sleep here! ;)"
  • ChrisB
    • Didn't let Tyler in and didn't know what was going on.
    • Had to throw somebody else out, I'll bring up in a moment.
    • Sucks to hear "Things are different when you're not here."
    • It's important that decisions made by the community are treated as final, not second-guessable.
    • Particularly with regard to Timon, not respecting decisions, etc.
  • PhilW
    • These are problems only for the next 20 days.
    • We won't have a Sudo Commons; there will be an Omni Commons, so our code of behavior needs socialization by the other collectives and the Omni
    • For now, raise our standards and build energy.
  • Raise the standards of expectations of use of space
  • Make things explicit -- we have a problem here!
  • Yes we're moving, but we need to get our /stuff/ together! (literally)
  • plz contribute to nascent 'Omni Systems' wikipage here: (on safe space / conflict resolution / stewardship etc)

ChrisB on the record:

  • If you're a female and Timon is being nice to you, in his mind it's not because you're a great person. It's predatory.

Action Items

Post-Meeting Teamups

Next Week?

  • Move-in discussion