Meeting Notes 2014-06-18

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Sudoroom Meeting. Wednesday June 19th 2014

Icebreaker(5 mins)

What's your coolest nickname? What is a project you needed to "Old Yeller" (euthanize)?

  • 5c077 (7|-|3 R1DDL3r): Organizing my contact list in my address book
  • Sam (lame:colored socks) killed: social networking project
  • Juan: Night star mapping project
  • Dante:
  • Britney
  • Faust (Tank): too much cooking (people)
  • Steve (SC): vertical space project
  • Phil (Effy): Brutally dismembered a mainframe
  • Matt (Matlocke): Mass murderer, perfers to dwell on the positives
  • Alex (Sew Deep): Claims to be innocent, but has an unhealthy love of shotguns
  • Rob (Robbie):

Announcements (5 mins)

Mon 6-7: Sew What? (w/ your host, Sew Deep)

  • Anything and everything.
  • Everyone welcome, exploring femininity.

Jun 30 - The Final Walk-Through

Gather the Rainbow at the "Rainbow Gathering" July 1st - July 7th.

  • Alex is going to Utah.
  • It's hard to explain.
  • Peace and harmony for one week.
  • Estimated at ~20,000 people this year.
  • Not the same as burning man.
    • Similar ideals though (hippies)
  • Free.
  • Come and explore yourself and nature with other people.
  • Intentional community for one week.
  • If you think that's wild, there are int'l gatherings for a month!
  • Bring your little sisters.

NEW Debit Card with Internet Credit Union (Internet Archive), transition to their account, free tax work

New Members (5 mins)

"Dues shall be paid by members on a sliding scale basis, from the minimum $10 per month rate to the recommended donation calculated using the process below. Exemptions of individuals from paying dues may be approved on a case by case basis by the general membership on the grounds of financial hardship or refusal to participate in the monetary system"

  • New: Yeller - Asks for an exception. Enjoys cleaning anyway, feels that cleaning is needed, willing to do this generally in lieu.

Money (5 mins)

Checking Account balances:

  • Community Bank of the Bay: $3,010.73
  • Internet Credit Union: $1,898.58
  • Total: $4,909.31

Forward monthly gittip to discuss list Change gittip weekly goal to $1,000/week (2x baseline rent)

Reboot (30 mins)

Cleaning policy:

  • Give away
  • Sell?
  • lost and found -> notice/dating -> Free box

"Reboot" fund:

  • concerns: bandwith, burnout, too much money (serious) and becoming rich, divisions with paid staff, increasing bureaucracy and egos, centralization vs project focus
  • benefits:
    • increase reboot energy, setup for future problems and possibilities (purchase, tools, projects)
    • figure out how to be efficient AND non-hierarchical
  • Content:

Other ideas

  • Outreach, door to door, community mapping--leverage OaklandWiki
  • Make sure Sudo is represented by diverse groups
  • Fund-raising opportunity: Latent fingerprints (police don't do this anymore), hacker thing to do.
    • Not fingerprinting people, but used objects!
    • Could be a paid service.
  • Food testing (unofficial), such as DNA-barcoding
  • Tutoring
  • After-school program


Move Out


  • 6/20 - 6/22 : Sudo Reboot Packing Weekend! (Fri - Sun)
  • 6/25 : Big Truck Moving Day (1337 cr3w, sign up w/ Steve (Weds)
  • 6/27 - 6/29 : Clean-up, polish! (Fri - Sun)
  • 6/30 : LAST DAY @ 2141 Broadway (Mon)
    • Ritual conducted by Alex. "Let's just have a fucking costume party. March to the new space, people will come. And dance."
  • e-waste disposal
  • inform wider community [action item proposal: announcement to sudo-announce & sudo-discuss] & js meetup group.
  • change waste management account

Move In

  • 7/01 - FIRST DAY @ 4799 Shattuck Ave (Tues)
  • Starts on the solstice: June 21!
  • Everything out by June 28, deep clean the last weekend of June (28-29)

=Conflict Resolution= (10 min)

  • Safe space, regarding sexual orientation and gender.
  • Safe space, regarding threats of physical violence.

=Consensus Items= (30 mins)

Action Items

Post-Meeting Teamups

Next Week?