Meeting Notes 2014-07-02

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Sudoroom Meeting. Wednesday July 2 2014

Icebreaker (5 mins)

how does it feel to be in this new space? now what?

  • Max K,
  • Juan (I've been here [onagainoffagain] since the beginning),
  • Daniel,
  • Matt (games and programming!),
  • Sylvia (postponing coming here for 3 weeks! you have no excuses!),
  • Ed (seeking community, "All Hands Active" member!!!!, I need projects),
  • Marcavius (literally moved down to the bay, looking to make games, used to grow stuff legally! 3D printers? Plastic-alternatives? "Connect" to fiber wire),
  • Phil (this is a haunted mansion, echoes of previous things, looking forward to making it our own. Into hacking public policy, privacy, tech, etc),
  • Jenny (we've got dancers, public schoolers, Cere at the piano, and us in this warehouse! Futurespacebrainstormz. I'm funemployed, aren't you? Talk to Jenny about Mesh, Fiber, Networks, Policy Hacking [Thurs at 7pm at SR]),
  • Matt (mesh hackathon this weekend! let's change all the things),
  • AL (I don't know what I am! Usually I tinker for my real job. Making this place possible has been enticing, that's why I'm here for another month!),
  • Sam (mesh networks, toor camp!, I see sudo room as a real community organization with power to change. everything's big and impressive, we have the power!),
  • Leslie (still acclimating to the east bay! wearable technology, headsup display, visual person, space is important! aesthetics matter, this space is impressive for this reason--we need more windowes. Safe, home, explore new things),
  • Noemie (sudoer, The Omni is inspiring from its immense possibilities and openness, so much potential. Gives lots of momentum. I would really like to start to install nice and pleasant lights! I've been making a documentary about sudo room, let me know if you don't want to be on film!),
  • Yar (agree about better lighting, and how about some ventilation in here?? Sediment is creeping. There is nothing about this building we will overlook for hacking!)
  • Ed (I wandered in heard there was beer and pizza. I'm into Macreme, Linux, and Revolution).
  • David K (Hello, public school too!)

Announcements (5 mins)

  • There's BEER over THERE
  • new micropayment site in development - SUDOERS SHOULD JOIN THIS EFFORT
  • Deposit
    • $1,069.52 returned (less utilities, broken door charge)
    • Wait let me get this straight ... Sudoroom got its deposit back????
      • by the skin of our bleached-bruised-boiled fingers.
  • Hackathon: Saturday, Sunday, Monday!
  • Omni potluck + working groups
  • Meet The Neighbors Potluck tomorrow, 3 July, at The Omni

Important Info on Omni Access + Standards

  • Proposal (passed with 7 delegates voting):
    • Quiet Hours are from 10pm - 10am
    • Member groups are responsible for access for their own groups
    • Two times during the day when people unable to gain access via their groups can get in: 12-1pm; 5pm-7pm
    • Zach "your neighborhood hermit" Houston available on-call to let people in
    • Lock up procedure for the end of the night: 2 people to sweep the space, turn off lights and lock all doors.
  • Standards (To be communicated to member groups):
    • Quiet Hours: 10pm - 10am
    • Landlords living here --> NO access to 2nd floor of building!
    • Experimental Interim --> We are not Open to the Public / Broadcasting to the world
    • Regular Meetings are every Thurs at 7pm. Please come with concerns / suggestions for improvements

New Wishlist

  • Walkie Talkies!
  • flashlights
  • dishwasher
  • colorful tape for marking
  • water filter
  • Sudo recycle and trash bins

New Members (5 mins)

  • Any new members tonight? A: Marcavius, Leslie (prospective)
  • If you are a member and haven't yet been added to the CRM, plz talk to Matt or Jenny

Money (5 mins)


  • Gittip: $412.77/wk
  • Returned Deposit: $1,069.52


  • Community Bank of the Bay: $3,010.73
  • Internet Credit Union: $2,446.15
  • Total w/ returned deposit: $6526.40

Reboot (30 mins)

  • Safety
  • we should submit 501c3 paperwork asap
  • first friday?
  • file change-of-address form with USPS! - now an action item (below)
  • how do we make room for our mission, values and ethos in the midst of so much logistical overhead?
  • Posters for Omni tours

Conflict Resolution (10 min)

Consensus Items (30 mins)

Action Items

  • Cancel Waste Management acct (Jenny)
  • File change-of-address form with USPS! (Jenny)

Post-Meeting Teamups

  • Potluck working group agenda items [Codename Task Force Sudo]-
    • Points to harp on for the neighors, [What do we do here]?-
    • Some refreshments-
    • A cool physical hack to demonstrate, and/or pentesting-
    • Foolproof the space, avoid liability claims-
    • Music (live?)-
    • Donation box(?)-
  • 501c3 & grant-writing working group - meeting possibly Saturday?

Next Week