Meeting Notes 2014-07-30

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sudoroom meeting july 30 2014


(ice-breaker: what are you thankful for)

  • Jenny (bevy of sudoers dealing w/ obnoxious person), Daniel (food here), Yar (food socialism in all its forms), Torrie (support network out here), Marc (robots!), Scott (this space), Ron (this beer, tx julio!), Julio (seeing Diana soon!), Brendan (yardena!), Jeremy (dev't of real vegan cheese), TJ (new computer)AL (being able to be here and not suffering somwhere else as unfortunately so many people)


  • Omni Kiosk will be put by the front door of the Omni tonight. Check in to help out with building management tasks so we can better distribute work among all interested participants! There's also a simple system set up for reserving common space areas for meetings and the like.
  • Proposed 'Newbie Night' every Friday evening with an oscillating array of facilitators to help welcome and onboard potential new members. Jenny can host this week - who would like to host next week? Marc sez yes. jake says friday is thought to be for partying, not ideal for newbie night
  • Please check your Gittip accounts as we've seen a sharp decline in the past week,
  • Almost all boxes and items pre-liminarily organized
    • Help by labeling all sides of the boxes!
  • Doors moved under stage
  • Donation: Methods.
    • Everyone take on one payment method and propose it here:


  • Jenny paid back David $150 for sudo room insurance (from her own bank acct) . She's also collected $68 in sudo room donations from members and guests in the past week, so sudo now owes her $82
  • Internet Credit Union Acct: $5,018.05
  • Community Bank of the Bay Acct: ? (~$5K)
  • new ways to donate?

New Members

  • New members as of this past week: Torrie, TJ, Whitney and Liz!
  • You?
  • Tell juul, tunabananas or yar if you have a magnetic stripe card and want to have 24/7 access


  • Why do you want to be a member: I enjoy coming here. Making friends
  • What do you like doing here: mesh, likes food
  • What are you excited to share: Whatever other people are excited to share with me. I like jazz.

Consensus Items

* Proposal to ban scott cohen

* "If the Noisebridge hackerspace in San Francisco bans a person from their space for reasons of safety, that person is immediately & automatically banned from Sudoroom."

    • does that include temporary bans? yes, for the duration of their ban
    • Automatic reciprocal bans should be subject to an appeals process - they can still show up to a meeting?
    • no they shouldn't come to a meeting, they can email and we'd discuss it at a meeting
    • Concern that this process could be used to ban all of sudo room's members
    • Appeal process for members?
    • We are not just our legistlature - we're also our own court. we can interpret rules however we want.

** 9 ayes, 1 abstention * Robot location

    • Reach of 80" (160" total unless we put it against a wall) + control box
    • Cables can
    • Put it between entrance and stairwell? That depends on where CCL puts their sinks
    • Could it knock out the wall? No
    • How long will it take? It's 3 phase, so that needs to be hacked. Unknown.
    • What about near the shop?
    • Wheels on the base would be good. (with brakes)
    • What's the purpose? Originally a welding robot, could be one again. Make folks excited about the space.

** Vote to put it where the wood pile is across from shop: 9 ayes, no blocks or abstentions * Add question for new members: "Have you ever been banned from a hackerspace".

    • good idea!
    • if they say yes, we can ask when and why

** Consenso: 9 ayes, no blocks or abstentions

** Request members to read the new policy

    • Next Challenging Dominant Culture Mtg is Saturday at 11am at Arbor Cafe
    • Marc: We should stay as open as possible, all the groups need more members
    • yar agrees. but you are never obligated to host a guest or give a tour unless you feel like it! say no, it's ok
    • Alt solutions: Sign on outside of door saying 'Not yet open to the public,' Newbie Night, video tour on website
      • omni collective would need to agree to that
      • Permitting meeting on Friday afternoon anytime after 1! Come help!
      • Suggesting that the sign refer to sudo room only
      • Powerful for new folks to come into a space they can help to build
  • How to help?
    • Tasks & todos on Omni Kiosk; action items at bottom of notes

Conflict Resolution

Hi, I'm from sudo room and mediating this conflict. Could you answer the following questions:

  • What happened?
  • Nature of the conflict?
  • How would you like to see it resolved?

Update on Phil?

remote hol: have done some research on daniel's claims, whit has met with phil and is sending me a recap tonight. i'll meet with whit tomorrow to go over info, then meet again with daniel for first time since last week's meeting. right now all evidence is circumstantial that i have seen. alot hinges on the nature of 'code for america' organization, and how much its leaders know. some deceptive behavior noted, some conflicts occurring at meetings, more info TBD. will come next wed with update. conflicts and division may have been related to the accuser per info forwarded from daniel, multiple people chiming in on both sides in OPWG thread, no conclusion or meeting minutes that i've seen. if one concern is about disrupting consensus, propose we discuss consensus and when to amicably fork when differences in strategy occur rather than allowing group to become gridlocked. whatever the concerns, they are persistent and not limited to one individual, and we should be proactive in looking out for all persistent threats to our shared work. if daniel is there in person maybe he can elaborate on the OPWG dynamic. daniel if you're there sorry it's been a busy week and couldn't meet you yesterday as i had originally proposed.

  • Sally - Sam will follow up with previous witness/Conflict Steward


  • Bikes
    • Brendan wants to get them out of the space
    • Other spaces are more dedicated to bike stuff (eg; Spokeland) and would put them to better use
    • Several folks are interested in having a bike shop here
    • Temp storage location next to stage, and Brendan will reach out to Matt & ChrisB

Action Items

  • Outward-facing sign declaring we're not yet open to the public
    • Would need Omni approval
  • Inward-facing document of practices for letting in visitors and how to check if they are members if they claim so. +
    • Not possible until we have everyone in the system (and then only for sudo)
  • Create a one-pager describing values and how to be a member.
  • Officially apply for 501c3 [Whitney]
  • Ad{a,o}pt this

--is it the one above, or this version edited by working group

  • Brendan will reach out to Matt & ChrisB
  • Work party Saturday w/ Brendan!