Meeting Notes 2014-08-06

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sudoroom meeting august 6, 2014


(ice-breaker: what are you thankful for)

  • yar: SHORT MEETINGS, Jenny: stan making mate!; Brendan: good friends & supportive communities; Marc/Juul: we have an almost-functional hackerspace again!; TJ: my truck; warning labels (like the robot's!); Ashoka: google; Shawn: welcoming hackerspaces; Akida (being alive); Boyd (life!)


  • Fire inspection tomorrow!
  • sponsoring event with critical resistance in september 20th w/ Cece McDonald
  • Startup weekend Sept 12-14 - 50% discount codes - talk to Brendan... or just use 'sudoroom'. Free food! $25!
  • Omni web tools: calendar, asana task management, omni membership crm,
  • Newbie Night was kind of a failure, didn't really get the word out (though one new person came for 3D tuesday!). Jenny apologizes. Next Newbie Night is Wednesday, August 13th hosted by Juul and Jake! Tell your sudo-curious friends!


  • $5,095.32 (Internet Credit Union) + ~ $1k (Community Bank of the Bay) = $6,095.32
  • We need more money!! Yar calls for more outreach.
  • We paid into the Omni reserve fund for August (rent to John was waived), and paid ~$170 in utilities
  • Jenny paid back David $150 for sudo room insurance (from her own bank acct) . She's also collected $85 now in sudo room donations from members and guests in the past week, so sudo now owes her ~$60
  • Our Gittip has gone up slightly from its crash - we're now bringing in $358.40/wk
  • Non-recurring options?
  • Crowdtilt is pretty cool, maybe they would not take a percentage? Brendan will talk to them
  • Jenny awaiting Dwolla account and setting up a Stripe account.

New Members

  • Timothy
    • Likes working with other people, would be nice to work here
    • Hacking on his own stuff, open source, perhaps collaborators?
    • Pair programming, sudo web infrastructure, doesn't do php really (mostly ruby)
    • Hasn't been banned from a hackerspace!
  • Boyd
    • I like this new movement for hacktivism around the world and making things that already exist work better. I'm not very good with code, but I think it'd be cool if I was. Found out about sudo from Andrew/backspace, used to come to the leather workshops
    • Moved closeby, interested in the mesh. Scarred by previous Comcast employment. Democratizing internet access. Likes climbing andbeing handy
    • Sharing excitement and enthusiasm.
    • Has not been kicked out of a hackerspace, that they know of.
    • Grew up in the midwest. Cops were nice there and gave you ice cream for wearing your bike helmet.
    • Really wants to see the robot do cool things.

Consensus Items

Conflict Resolution

P. Wolff update - Hol 1. No conclusive evidence found to support accusation based on review of available info over 2 weeks. Whatever we do now sets the precedent for future cases - person who brought the matter up (daniel) is OK to allow Phil back in. Felt it was his duty to speak up since the concern had not been proactively addressed by Phil. 2. Further research continues as to nature of threat to privacy and risk of disruption from outside groups with ill intentions. Sudoers interested in the topic of entities related to this accusation, particularly the DAC, should feel free to get in touch and assist with research. 3. Consensus is a process susceptible to disruption. We should think about cases when it is better to fork into parallel paths to avoid gridlock, and consider ways to amend our policies to become structurally hardened against this type of attack. In some cases, it may seem that consensus on an item has been reached when discussion is still warranted, and dissenting views may trigger accusations of intentional disruption. People may have conflicting views or different approaches socially, legally, etc. Emphasize respect for different points of view while keeping an eye out for intentional disruption. Need to be able to handle and attenuate disruption whether intentional or unintentional. THANKS FOR THE SHORT MEETING YAR!!