Meeting Notes 2014-09-03

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sudoroom meeting september 3, 2014


  • ice breaker - what is something super-duper?
  • troy - computers
  • marc - overloading u-haul trucks
  • Liz- this salad
  • Sean - sudo room!
  • Daniel - when we work together
  • william - good thoughts
  • isaac - beautiful minds and hearts
  • jenny - being in the middle of this circle
  • korl - all those law books being turned into more useful books
  • matt - omni calendar
  • francisco - moving law books and resultant closeness
  • patrick - getting 400 boxes of books out of there - 4000 books?
    • we fought the law but the law lost
  • bill - being on the
  • yar - the galactic supercluster laniakea, named today
  • gabriella - supporting and supported by others


  • 2014 BACH Unconference! Oct 11-12, at The Omni!
    • Meeting at Berkeley Recycling Center at 9am
    • Jordan has a car and can pick people up
  • omni facilitation workshop next wednesday 7pm (during sudo mtg...)
  • Friday Stop Urban Sheild @ the Marriott in downtown oakland
  • Troy is bringing in more books at 2pm Saturday
  • TOO MANY GRAPES (eat at your own risk)
  • also beer
  • linux installfest Friday evenings
    • weekly? maybe
  • Oct 23-26 living new economy conference
  • omni needs a lot more construction help
    • bathroom renovation, chairlift, drywall patching, ceiling tiles
    • join omni-building google group

Rise Above

  • screenprinting business wants to move into omni
  • gabriela invited to the meeting
    • reserve time to hear from her, and also to have private conversation
  • being evicted by these "kind" folks
    • fears neighborhood homogenization. keep some art in the neighborhood.
  • she's now leaning towards "plan B" of moving into a basement room
    • brought a printed flyer diagramming it
  • also wants to use the corner of the building for washing screens (has a drain)
  • can pay "under a thousand"
  • willing to try a 6 month lease but would like to stay as long as possible
  • organized the temescal art hop with smokey's. wants to scale it up
  • "future home of no future home of no future weed/regular cookie shop"
  • machine gets warm but not too hot, runs on regular 110v
  • self-taught at silk-screening
  • typical price?
    • one-color on fruit-of-the-loom ($7-$8 / shirt, plus setup fee)
  • Fairtrade and Organic stuff?
    • Yes.
  • she has one assistant on-call, works a few days a week
  • 400~1000 shirts / week


  • Sudo room expects that new tenants:
    • have an explicit sub-lease term (duration)
    • are typically non-profit in business
    • have an explicit, available location
    • have all anticipated costs itemized
    • have exhausted all possible collaborations and consolidations with existing collectives / tenants

omni legal/governance report-back

  • tenants would be required to abide by all rules & values of omni but have no voting power
  • all income from tenants must be under 30% - to limit their power and also comply with 501c3
  • we don't want to be a landlord

straw polls

"who objects to rise above on the basis of them being for-profit, hierarchical, a tenant and not a collective?"

"who objects to rise above only on the basis of an unclear proposal and sees their objection as temporary?"

consensus proposals

version 1: "Sudoroom consents to Rise Above renting space at the omni for $1000/month for a 6 month trial lease term, with the specific location to be consented on at a later time."

version 2: "Sudoroom respectfully requests for another draft of the proposal for Rise Above to rent space from The Omni after Timeless, Infinite Light is prompted to consider whether it is possible to incorporate and support Rise Above's tenancy. This includes providing design, "office"/"desk" space as well as printing station location, plumbing, and ventilation, which matches concerns for TIL and the new print lab."

version 3: "Sudoroom will consent to Rise Above renting space at the omni for $1000/month for a 6 month trial lease term, once the location and any building modifications and permits are clarified and once the meaning of tenancy is clarified by the Omni's legal/governance working group. We don't object to them being a tenant in a general sense."

  • VOTE: 12 yes, 2 abstain, 0 blocks


  • permits
  • fumes
  • for-profits

Finances Reportback

  • Big deficit - we're kinda fucked.
  • If we could bring in $5K more per month we'd be breaking even

New Members

  • Korl
    • Why do you want to be a member of sudo room?:Because Sudo is Super Rad!

Mostly I just want to be part of a space that caters to the advancement information, technology and hacking! I want to be able to spend my time around other nerds whose eyes don't glaze over when I start talking about RAM, hard drives, dual-booting, time travel and science fiction. I love being unofficially part of this community, I'd love even more to be an official part of it!\

    • If you know already, what are you excited to do at sudo room?:Phoenix the Pyre! Learn about the Mesh! Build the Digital Library! Teach some Multi-booting classes! Organizing the junk and parts boxes and shelving!If you know already, what are you excited to share with the sudo room community?:Laptop and tower repair! Dual/triple/quad/multi-booting! Helping out around the shop with organizing and cleaning!Have you ever been banned from another hackerspace? If so, when and why?:Nope.


wheelchair access renovations

  • Front door: $500, Bathroom - $500-$1K, Wheelchair Lift - $3-8K
  • CCL has decided to kick in $800
  • VOTE: 9 yes, 1 abstain

please join working groups!

please be a delegate!

  • Rotating delegates: yar, jenny, you?

Consensus Items

  • "storing personal items in common space is an abuse of a member's access privileges"
  • "members who repeatedly abuse their access privileges are in bad standing"

"The Sudoroom community feels compassion towards Sally and wishes her the best, but we cannot trust her to respect the Omni's common space right now, so we must find her in bad standing as a member. She is not welcome at Sudoroom for a period of one month." "We find Sally in bad standing as a member and with heavy hearts, we suspend her access rights for one month, because she consistently uses the common areas inappropriately and has been warned many times."

  • VOTE: 7 yes, 2 no

Newbie Night

  • Julio hosted this week! Sudokudos!
  • Who will host next week?
    • Whoever hosts is responsible for: 1) adding event to the calendar, 2) posting to sudo-discuss and otherwise promoting, 3) showing up! and 4) answering the door, giving tours, and otherwise being friendly and answering questions.
    • Matt will host on Tuesday September 9th



  • Event for September

      dates_proposed: [13, 14, 17, 20],
      preferred: false
        dates_proposed: [16],
        preferred: true
 CiTiZEN KiNO is a hybrid of film, internet, theater, hacker culture and public forum. Each program is an interactive and tactical media performance, a live multi-dimensional cinema with co-curated screenings at its core. An ongoing series of events based in Berlin used to upgrade community + collective intelligence.

dan siegel

  • Isaac's been volunteering for him
  • He'll be at Oakland Night's Live on Saturday w/ Bryan Parker and Joe Tuman


  • Weekly Gittip Gratipay income: $410.90 [goal: $1,000]
    • Cards bounce and users are not notified. Please check that your account is still active! <3
  • Internet Credit Union: $4,442.65
  • Community Bank of the Bay: ~$1K
  • did we pay sept rent?
  • can we set up direct deposit?
  • reimburse whit for electrical materials $348.02


  • whit is happy with the plans and ready to work. wants to start tomorrow, even.
  • what's left? electrician reviews it? landlord approves it?
  • sorry, we didn't get to this :(

Conflict Resolution

book logistics tomorrow

Action Items

  • let's fix internet in the basement please?
  • Document incidents on the omni wiki
  • Finish Stripe and set up Everbutton [Jenny] (Ron willing to help on this if needed / extending it)
  • Investigate business license [Jenny]
  • pamphlet to give new members