Meeting Notes 2014-09-24

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sudoroom meeting september 24, 2014


  • say your name, pronoun, and a message for elliot
  • yar; we support you at sudoroom!
  • jenny; and we thought you were on vacation!
  • greg; haven't met you but support
  • winston; go elliot
  • ian; dude apparently i wanted to meet you but you're not here
  • marc; we are putting up a poster of you as soon as the printer works
  • scott; dude, wow!!!


  • real vegan cheese owns a shiny new projector
    • sudo can borrow it
    • where to put it? on the robot?
  • now meshing the omni!!!!
  • rosh hashana fruit is being served - apples, honey, pomegranates
  • BACH Unconference organizing meeting this Friday at 7pm!
  • Talk on the Real Vegan Cheese crowdfunding campaign next Monday at 7pm

New Members


  • why? Sudo rocks!
  • Been stopping by for a year or so
  • wanna hack robots. wanna mesh robots.
  • share free workstations & satellite dishes
  • Not an undercover cat (or cop)
  • Has not been banned from a hackerspace
  • getting into RF
  • why does the mesh network work from marc's laptop but not his phone?


  • why? hackerspaces are awesome. we're his first one in CA.
  • has been to one in denver. was never kicked out
  • gonna put arch on his macbook
  • tried to beam internet across a big parking lot
  • excited to hack his 1st gen mac pro and make it run arch
  • not a cop
  • wants an office at omni, trying to figure out how
  • wants to learn and teach awk. awkward.
  • wants to be surrounded by interesting inspiring projects all the time
  • 23
  • favorite conspiracy theory - alien antigravity technology
  • has a gigantic van to help move stuff

process discussion

Newbie Night

  • Alex wasn't able to host yesterday, will do next Tuesday instead
  • Korl may do it on the 3rd week of October
  • Whoever hosts is responsible for: 1) adding event to the calendar, 2) posting to sudo-discuss and otherwise promoting, 3) showing up! and 4) answering the door, giving tours, and otherwise being friendly and answering questions. 5) have a planned activity ready to avoid awkwardness


  • $420 on ~*._~gratipay~_.*~
  • omni's electric bill 8/19-9/19: $915 fucking dollars
    • solar panels? we have roof access next week
  • $2882.48 in ICU
  • $1k in CBOB
  • 0.2387 bitcoin
  • check for $120 from insurance or something


please join working groups!

  • Working Groups in need of rad sudoers!
  • Challenging Dominant Cultures - Saturdays at 11am - yar
  • Communications - rarely meets! 1-2x/month Mondays @ 7 - - next mtg Monday 10/6 - jenny
  • Finances - biweekly Tuesdays @ 7pm - see - hol & niki
  • Facilitating Collectivity - Tuesdays at 7pm - jenny
  • fundraising mondays - marc & noemie
  • Space Ops - Talk to Stephen from BAPS - doesn't really exist?
  • Ballroom - moving to Tuesday nights. noemie has to leave by 7.
  • Building Maintenance - yar doesn't know when they "meet" but sure went to home depot a lot last week

please be a delegate!

  • Rotating delegates: yar, jenny, matt, patrick (in training), Korl (in training), you?
  • patrick can be the delegate this week & next
  • julio can do it after that

agenda tomorrow

Consensus Items


  • winston is here!
  • omni music project - proposal to start out as a tenant at $400/mo and then eventually become a member collective
    • will start out just storing instruments, etc. flexible, whatever we want it to be.
    • was paying somebody else for storage anyway
  • super excited about it!
  • he's been a musician & recording engineer for a long time
    • also has a background working with autistic kids (works with scott)
    • alana is also great
  • formative stages of infrastructure - will be extremely open
  • gonna build a control room, have a bunch of musical instruments, create an environment of fostering education and support
  • gonna have BAPS classes
  • from recording to performance
  • wants to work with kids
  • what does your group need to be successful?
    • time & space!
    • have equipment already - need a place to do it, time to do it
    • did a compilation tape for SNAPS (Special Needs Activity ... ...)
  • where does your money go? how do you license your music?
    • mostly been casual informal understandings so far
    • art for art's sake. if they can benefit good orgs, they want to. but also want to be sustainable.
    • Sudoroom & CCL have rules about licensing of materials
    • less concerned about making money than about freedom to remix & reuse
    • open to learning new wasy to do things that "isn't reliant on that fucking devil machine out there"
    • what about when you rent out a future recording studio to other artists?
      • maybe negotiate a temporary restricted license?
      • marc likes the model of charging more for artists who want restricted licensed
  • how to join?
    • access & membership might be tiered?
    • would have classes, training sessions
    • not sure. just worrying right now about teaching ppl to touch shit safely.
    • trying to be open, increase access
  • more detail - what precisely do you want to do with the space?
    • how to modify? no, abstractly.
    • there'd be a control room with board, computers, monitors, outboard gear, instruments, etc
    • could be modular, used for BAPS if someone has keys
    • library reading room would stay as-is. books are great insulators & diffusors. wants to build gobos out of bookshelves on wheels. shape room acoustically with bookshelves. dewey decimal card-catalog for storing microphones. good for isolation for those other rooms, but don't need to use them when they're not recording.
    • this is all eventually. right now they're just asking to be a month-to-month tenant and get to know us better.

winston leaves

  • marc wants to be very clear that they will be responsible for their stuff including locking the door and getting insurance for their stuff, etc
  • also be clear that they shouldn't have an expectation that we will accept them as a full collective right away or ever
  • who thinks sudo should vote yes? 6. abstains, blocks? no.

Buying and installing light timers

  • Yay!


  • yar says block. it's a sneaky way of abolishing consensus.


  • is this gonna be a commercial space or not a space for children?
  • jake: children don't care about commerce
  • "La Commune would like to stock this room with used books available for children to read."
    • aroo??

Friendly Amendment(s):

  • Sudo requests a single point of contact / bottom-liner, and to hold off on 'stocking books' immediately in that space.
  • The Kids Working Group should decide what to put in that room.
  • patrik points out that real childcare requires lots of permits
    • hackermoms already solved these problems, let's seek their leadership

Rise Above

  • Sudo Room is still waiting for a refined proposal from/about Rise Above so that we can consent to:
    • Location
    • Building modifications
    • Lease terms
    • First, last, deposit

tenancy definition & cap

  • 9 say we should vote yes, 4 abstentions

splitting allocations

  • Confusion over the language
  • Can't we just vote on a case-by-case basis?
    • Funds split equally
    • Funds split depending on individual collective need/interest
    • Specific fundraisers for projects
  • Grey areas: The OOC received loans for specific things
  • consent on it but specify that it can be overridden by future omni consensus
  • ultimate conclusion: needs more clarification on what it applies to

member collective stewardship agreement

  • this sounds like it would lead us to an HR department
  • can we consent to the privilege of having to pay for your volunteer work?

Conflict Resolution

recent ban

  • Matthew Stevenson asked to leave for reasons of safety
  • been domineering & intimidating everybody, trying to convince you he has power & connections
  • told DK that he's "a hit-man", offered to murder people
  • he was asked to leave, and told he could come to a sudo room meeting to appeal his case
  • offered opportunity to come to sudoroom to appeal, obviously is not here
  • hasn't participated in anything, just comes in to sleep on the couch
  • was creeping on noemie

permanently banning him from sudoroom for reasons of safety?

  • 11 yes, 1 abstained


film collective is preparing fundraising video

  • 1-shot walkthrough of the omni full of people doing what they do
  • think of ways sudoroom can look awesome!
  • which activity would you like to be seen doing?
  • filming will happen Sunday October 5th starting at noon
  • the robot will be filming too
  • you can wear superhero costumes


  • starting to compile it all and give us access
  • Workshop on Friday the 3rd to review the current omni footage using interlace/video vortex video clip sharing web app

Action Items

  • let's fix internet in the basement please?
  • Document incidents on the omni wiki
  • Finish Stripe and set up Everbutton [Jenny] (Ron willing to help on this if needed / extending it)
  • Investigate business license [Jenny]
  • pamphlet to give new members
  • upload our shit to
  • yar will initiate a locker census
  • give blurb about sudo to omni fundraising committee
  • set up a work party for electrification [Jenny]
  • Ask Marc to be a liason with East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse
  • fill out the omni's financial questionaire [jenny]