Meeting Notes 2014-12-10

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sudoroom mtg Dec 10, 2014


  • Ice-breaker question: Are you actually IN sudo right now, or elsewhere?
  • Matt - remote
  • Marc
  • Nico - Friends got evicted from bookstore down the street. Check out the bookstore it's called bibliodrone. Likes to make things and put things together and take things apart. Thought he'd come hang out.
  • Steve - Moved here form texas. Scientist...
  • Candace - Recently member of sudo room. IT adming
  • Jack - programs web stuff, never been to sudo room before
  • Milo - came by way of Julio, hasn't been here since the unconference
  • Julio - visiting
  • Korl - sudo'er. Thinks that we should add to the agenda to change the name of sudo room to "The international monkey-faced cat-snake fanciers association ltd inc. ltd"
    • +1
  • Torrie - Cryptoanarchist by day. Human by day
  • Arnars - Lives in brunswick, Germnay and is visiting. Is a sudo room member.
  • Ian - Is kinda strange
  • Francisco - Makes amazing food, brought food (its upstairs!)
  • remote-jenny
  • remote april
  • RAYC

new members

  • Adam has been pondered.


  • We have 26 days left of the indiegogo campaign for Omni Commons (for $80,000 to get improvements and permits to officially open to the public)
  • Report-back from the Hackerspace-to-hackerspace video portal hackathon this past Saturday.
  • RAYC explains a cross-hackerspace collaboration tool idea to decentralized-ly store classes and things
  • An attorney would like to do probono work for us to help sudoroom realize it's 501c3 status. April is going to meet with him on Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon
  • Matt - Wondering if any folks are interested in throwing a "membership" event, a "general membership" gathering, or a "thank you party" for the full sudo community? (In January?), preferably before the end of December, like within the next week! Or perhaps at the latest January 1-5?
    • I would like an excuse to invite everyone in at once at one time to be in the space, to relax, and to appreciate everyone for their amazing contributions to sudo room and within life generally. :]
    • Everyone is too busy but there are a few who would do it in january +1 =1
      • By "too busy" do they mean to attend or to coordinate? coordinate. (coordinate)
      • I don't think too much coordination is needed and I could do that stuff with anyone else who would be interested. Mainly wondering about the message, the intention, and interest in attending! I could help clean before or after in Dec (but couldn't help organize bc burn out)
        • np, I understand.
    • What about early January, like before the 5th?
      • What about also a bunch of folk are going to CCC between xmas and new years
    • Another question: what are the expressions on your faces? ^.^ (I am faceless) like positive vibes, go for it? Or no? yay! i think it's great actually. parties in dec are good vibes
    • END DISCUSSION: We'll discuss further on the mailing list. A few people would help set it up.
    • OKAY I Have a proposal for email list:
      • (a) Next sudo meeting as potluck, ping all members with a reminder tonight
      • (b) Start email thread for gathering of the sudoers in early January (before Jan 5th)?
  • Sid Scott is back in the area. He is banned from noisebridge. DO NOT LET HIM IN TO SUDO ROOM!!!
 An alias of this person is "eyahs" or "shaye"
    • Alright to post this warning to omni-discuss? Maybe better to print the photo and post it by the door? Sure!

todo order stickers for Torrie to take to CCC when she and others asks for money for hackerspaces

  • She leaves early morning on the 17th - we have lots of mesh stickers. i'll ping maxO to see if he can re-order



  • Need a way to turn on our servers remotely.
  • Brendan and Jenny will work on Stripe implementation
  • Marc wants to make a machine that will automatically take credit card donations!
    • How can folks help?


  • Brendan can't make it today, so can't be a delegate at Omni Mtg tomorrow. But tomrrow might be canned?
  • Jenny can't make it tomorrow. Would appreciate if delegates mailing list was used for last-minute backouts:
  • Current delegates include: Brendan (current), Korl (in-training? eh, you got this!), tom, maxK, julio, matt, patrick xu, jenny (has exceeded quota), yar (has exceeded quota)
    • korl or marc will try to make it. ian would like to try to delgate. ian's email is
    • New delegates welcome. Here's the process:
  • jenny will contact whoever volunteers for tomorrow to let them know if mtg gets cancelled due to storm.

Backspace Proposal For Membership

Summary Backspace proposes to move into the the small BDRM upstairs and to manage the adjacent upstairs DEN. Pay $400/ mo with a review after 3 months (April 15, 2015) and a commitment to increase rent as we bring on practitioners and fill the space. Rent is for: SM BDRM - practitioner room DEN - classes, workshops, etc. Begin paying rent January 15 (Pro-rated rent is $200 for January) Regular low - to - no- cost clinic days take up more space in OMNI (aiming for once a month) -- fill up unused rooms with practitioners for a day of wellness oriented services. FULL PROPOSAL HERE:

sudo room requests that they explain why they are applying as a member collective. it is confusing that they call themselves a collective yet are charging fees for services and would they be amenable to language like "sliding-scale, no one turned away due to lack of funds"?

Stated Mission: "Backspace Wellness Collective, a collective within the OMNI Commons, is a worker-owned wellness collective encompassing a broad range of healing modalities to make opportunities available for healing, wellness, care and growth in the community. We offer: - Wellness services via private practice(s). - Regular donation-based clinics that provide wellness services to a diversity of populations from a range of economic backgrounds. - Regular events, talks, panels, teach-ins and classes in our space to engage and empower the community on an educational and participatory level. - Ongoing contemplative classes and workshops (e.g. meditation, yoga, martial arts, etc.)"

The proposal passes with 5 members present and 2 virtually present (non-quorum).

  • +1 for matt
    • lol, thanks for clarifying
  • +1 for jenny

Proposal to designate the bunker / cave room between La Commune and the ballroom as a lockable space for all groups to safetly store expensive equipment

    • La Commune would like to propose that the bunker / cave room between La Commune and the ballroom be designated as a secure space for expensive equipment, sensitive documents, etc. to be stored by all Omni member groups and tenants. Access will be available to all member groups and tenants but not to the general public.
      • +1 - Matt - and offering to help clean / re-organize room and set up community-lockable storage.
      • +1 - Jenny w/ the previously-suggested friendly amendment that this be storage for necessary Omni equipment, and not personal storage.
      • +1 - korl - we should have eyeball recognition and rfid chip implants.
      • +1 - tdfischer

sudo room wants the amendment that this be used for equipment related to omni collectives and their projects, but not for personal storage.

The proposal passes with 5 members present and 2 virtually present (non-quorum).


  • - write a letter to support Bassel Khartabil
  • lawyer says that it's a bad idea to discuss sudoroom's taxes and transition to 501c3 on a list that's public and that we should use encryption. This is because if we make heinous mistakes, we won't have a massive public record of it. Seems reasonable to me, if it's single purpose and only had the small group of folks working on it. However, it is antithetical to principles of openness, so maybe we should have some report back/eval mechanism.
    • thoughts? ^^
    • Our entire model only works because we communicate with one another. Yes, sometimes we have to deal with risks associated with privacy and such. I have no preference about proceeding with private conversations, in-person discussions, etc, but in the end we have to update and inform each other of what we do, and the lessons we learn as we go about making sudo work!
    • Mailman can create private lists that don't show up in the index and you need a password/subscription to read - i'll be in touch shortly about that
    • Seems like we can maintain our ethics as long as we fully intend to do so and carry it out and still have a private forum for pending legal questions. so let's just be intentional and smart and loving and well-documented
    • Strange metaphor from yester-year is the closed door. In Omni Commons, and in sudo room in the past, we have had rooms with doors that can close. When you close a door, you have a reasonable expectation of privacy. I think no one in the sudo room community wishes to violate each others' ability to have private conversations and to have discussions behind closed doors. In fact, some discussions can only happen or begin in such closer circumstances. However, it's ultimately about becoming accountable and transparent, realizing we have so much to gain from sharing in the end that is the real difference. So, indeed, proceed!
    • <3 cool let's make this 501c3 thing IRL

Action Items

  • Crowdfunding:
    • Thunderclap being planned for matching $10K donation. stay tuned to help w/ outreach!
  • Radio show in San Francisco w/ a listenership of 10,000+ on Friday! Talk to Sean (?)
  • April needs someone to join her at 501c3 meeting who knows what they're talking about (eg, sudo backstory, tax status)
    • Jenny's evenings are booked but can do afternoons. thx!
    • Torrie is out of spoons but maybe can be pinged to answer 501c3 questions ( rad
  • transfer our money out of the Community Bank (Matt)