Meeting Notes 2015-04-08

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Sudoroom Meeting April 8, 2015


  • remote-jenny
  • ryan
  • juul
  • wrought
  • st. nic
  • rachel
  • elliot

Icebreaker: What have you broken recently? (the question is also broken)

  • Juul: I broke a server. It was bad. :)
  • Adam: I broke my self confidence again
    • ryan: aw
  • ryan: i managed to break one of the childproof pill bottle, apparently if you break them, they're not childproof anymore :)
  • rachel: i broke a cup. but there are other cups
  • remote-jenny: i broke up a shitton of great potting soil this morning and dumped it in a garden bed :))
  • Matt: my patience is broken
  • Sean F: the last thing i remember breaking was a my lock, i lost my key and i had to break it to get into my backpack
  • elliot: i broke a nail :) that hurt :(
  • jebari (opal): probably the last thing i broke was a promise, i know that's kinda vague, but...
    • ryan: i was waiting for someone to say it
  • joel (late arrival): I broke the external battery charger for my cell phone
  • ben (late arrival):



Conflict updates


  • Ryan (mediator between rayc): rayc has not contacted Ryan.


  • Elliot does not want to share space with him, non-engagement with st.nic, would like the SSP to be enforced w/ the language he's used and people he's hurt in the space
  • juul: you are willing to do mediation as long as you don't have to meet with him in person?
  • elliot: yes, and with the temporary band that that mediation is done offsite,
  • matt: both people off-site?
  • elliot: it's my understandin that he's banned pending mediation
  • matt: it's not ambiguous, it's exactly what's happening, they're banned during mediation
  • rachel: here here


  • Rachel: Doc has not contacted and did not show up last time, but I was 15m late, though I notified people. I think it's worth calling, but the longer the more time there is to process and grow before going through with mediation. I will call again
  • elliot.....
  • matt: i think this is heresay and we should discuss it at the appropriate time
  • rachel: agreed
  • juul: okay
  • Does Doc have a Conflict Steward? We really need to have both roles filled. The Steward ensures conflict mediation meetings happen and that they're documented, and helps give updates
  • Not yet, does anyone volunteer?

Darin and Elliot

  • Joe from FnB is mediating (this is not a sudo conflict).
  • Who is conflict steward? Helen?

Kwe and Darin

  • not a sudo conflict
  • juul is mediating
  • matt is conflict steward


  • $461.10/wk on Gratipay (needs to be $625 minimum)
  • $1,614.64 in Internet Credit Union acct
  • Rent has been paid for April, $184.27
  • does everyone need to consent on a < $30 legal fees for taxes to get cleaned up?
    • we don't have quorum but yeah: go ahead (juul)
    • i don't think so, your call exchequer (juul)

Gratipay/IACU Issue

  • No deposits received for the month of March: 3/5, 3/12, 3/19, 3/26

Sudo Proposals

Fundraiser party, already!!

  • Suggested dates: May 1 (in tandem with SPAZ soundsystem in the basement and First Friday art in the ballroom [no performance planned though, we could do an open mic / 5 minutes of fame type of thing]) - sorry am now discussing the front desk proposal below
  • everyone: we should have it in actual sudo room, not ballroom
  • ryan: I can write an invitation
  • juul: we should request both cash donations and donations of time in the next two weeks to help with renovation/construction
  • has a canon pixma pro something printer than can print on thick things like tiles. If anyone wants to make things for the fundraiser, contact him!
  • Ryan suggests getting stickers for sudo and using the printer to make coasters.
  • 15th is deadline for party planning:

Sudo Proposal: Buy Stickers

Omni Proposals

Discussion of proposed mural designs

  • General feedback discussion, remaining sensitive to everyone involved, not rushing the process.
  • Links / References for potential improvements:

Front Door Station Proposal

  • - rachel -

    • this is being rerouted to a preliminary conversation between Welcoming Committee and La Commune. it has been removed from the pad as it was not consensed to be there by Welcoming WG. - jenny
    • okay, everyone in welcoming seemed all behind do-acratically doing it, Niki at first, but then she alerted me to la commune's concerns
    • i for one am totally behind it, that's not the point. we should operate by full consensus whenever possible, and bring things to delegates for consensus once it's fully vetted.
    • to work with la commune before posting it to the meeting?
    • yeah! i just sent an email with your proposal to welcoming and la commune folks <3
    • yeah, i wanted to send it to delegates for that reason, but you're totes right, this is smooter and specifically respectful
    • btw i love that you made a fucking sketchup model ;)
    • thanks :)

New Members

Action Items

  • See partypad :)
  • Need conflict steward for Doc, Darin(omni not sudo),
    • Doc and Darin or Elliot need to email, can optionally suggest a preferred steward (they are not obligated to commit)
  • get taxes cleaned up
  • remove Newbie Night - jenny - just edited it to end today (4/8)