Meeting Notes 2015-09-09

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Sudo Room Meeting 9 Sep 2015


  • Icebreaker: Do you see the fnords?
  • marc/juul/he: i _do_ see the fnord. they're everywhere
  • robb/he: all the time
  • morgan: i do not see them, and i fixed chrome
  • lesley/*(gender pronoun is speakers' choice): some fnords I can see, but most likely not all.
  • matt/he: all i see is fjords (fnords).
  • jeremy: still don't know what a fnord is
  • sigma-remote/they: see a what? This icebreaker makes me uncomfortable
  • remote-jnny/she: wut


  • Matt finished the flyer for the upcoming Omni rent party where we're going to try to make the shortfall of funding up ($5000). We're gonna have a rummage sale and need people to help find stuff in sudo that we can sell for the sale.
    • Sat 9/19 10 am to 8 pm. Live venues in too places. It's gonna be a big ass blowout. We need volunteers to cook, setup, teardown, etc. etc.


  • $2,871.49 in the bank
  • Monthly expenses are on the order of $2400/month.
  • We should endeavor to have at least $7500 in the bank as reserve
  • $400 filing fee for 501c3 application
  • Will need to pay rent early this month to ensure Omni can pay rent, luckily we'll be able to!

New Members


  • Kyle Mitchell, who's been working on our 501c3 application, has volunteered to be sudo's official Secretary, one of the 3 roles we have to fill for our nonprofit status
    • Matt previously Secretary, bump to 'President'? (I prefer supreme ruler of heck hell +1 +1 )
      • Let's ask around for people who can act as officers.
      • Matt would prefer to be neither secretary nor president.
      • Matt will do whatever is necessary to keep the sudo room community alive.
    • Marc listed as Treasurer. Does he want to remain so or hand off to Jenny?

Some concerns that it might not be ideal for all the parties (Kyle, sudo room, the membership, etc). Should hear Kyle out see what he things makes doing this worth it.


  • Manual (also goes by 'Manny') was asked to leave and never return for repeatedly stealing from sudo room after being repeatedly told not to. May assert that 'Jake told me I can take e-waste'.
  • Draft of message to send all the members:
    • Warning to all members:
      • If you see anyone, specifically a person named Manny (or Manual), removing items from the sudo room, demand that they consult a member of the sudo room first before doing so. Manny has repeatedly taken usable, desirable items from sudo room (effectively theft). Manny has been told he is not welcome at sudo room and he is not welcome to remove any items from sudo room for any reason.

Do not trust name-dropping, especially if they refer to "Jake" or say "Jake says it's okay". Demand you see the actual message, or contact the member directly before letting someone go with items.

Thanks, Matt

  • We will put up a big sign saying "get permission from a member before removing anything from sudo room" that we generate with
  • sigma-remote: Worth suggesting to people who are asking individuals to leave to take a picture as an initial step? If so, maybe including in the mass email?

Action Items

  • Send Kyle our bank info for 501c3 filing fee [Jenny]
    • Question of what is our bank account number? IFCU lists a generic ICFU 'account number' in addition to routing number and suggests adding a note listing our individual account #. I see a Member # on our bank statement but can't find anything specifying an 'account number.' Maybe someone who set up our Stripe or Paypal knows? With many credit unions, "member number" = "acount number". Thanks for that tip! Sure, I'm trying ot google 'IFCU' specifically but am not even finding a definite result.

Ok...well, I can't find anything on their site, but according to, "member number" is "the unique number that identifies you as a member of our credit union."

      • Account Number = Member Number -- Matt

Interesting talks