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Sudo Room Meeting 23 Sep 2015


  • Icebreaker: What's your favorite thing about jellyfish?
    • sigma: As they are not fish, the preferred term is jelly or sea jelly. Also, (some) glow. /wikiknowledge
    • Matt: he/him, sudo room, when a jelly fish dies it's never alone, they seem to die in groups
    • Sam: he/him, sudoerrrrzzzzzz, there are some jellyfish that are immortal e.g. [Turritopsis dohrnii]( they may hold the key to [biologically]( immortal human life as well
    • Ari: male pronouns, ; glowing is cool. My first day in the bay area, first place I've come to is sudo room. Coming from NY, originally LA.
    • daniel: he/him, ~3 year sudoer, they seem harmful, I don't know if all jelly fish are like that, but I've heard things about people being allergic.
    • "ocean max" aka "sub max" aka "submarine max": he/him/royal we, Portuguese Man-o-wars?
    • Morgan: "hey you" works just fine: grumpy noncy programers union? I've stepped on jellyfish before. Spongebob squarepants (favorite thing).
    • Andrew: he/him, attempting to poke into hackerspaces to see what is happening (might use this place to work on some stuff). Sea jellies are beautiful to look at. In my opinion.
    • Robb aka "robbelstiltskin" aka "robbsputin": he/him, sudo room / food not bombs / occupysf, favorite thing about jellyfish is that I"'m a jellyfish whisperer and they don't sting me. ever. even as a child, I have powers. seriosly."=trolling. my favorite thing is that one didn't sting me when i picked it up as a kid Spirit animal?
    • Cere: call me whatevah! I'm doing some kinetic art stuff right now. Sigh, Jellyfish... whatever.


juul: Jerome physically attached (attacked?) one of our members. This is a violation of our safe space policy. Even if Jerome and the member in question can resolve this through mediation Jerome has demonstrated that he will escalate a verbal conflict to physical violence (twice?) and as such we should not allow him in the sudo/omni space again.


Matt: this past weekend we had a rummage/bake sale & made a few ($600) hundred dollars. We're having another one!!!! This Sunday 9/27 10am-10pm: Schedule: 10am – Open Rummage Sale + Bake Sale 12pm – Open Meal Service (Lunch / Dinner) All day until 8pm – Live Music / Performances 8pm – Movie Night After the meeting tonight Matt is going to go through stuff in sudo room in order to find things to sell at the rummage sale this Sunday!!!!!!1111

Robb: you can run asterisk voip server on an openwrt router!

Ari: I'm projecting. Or rather, I will be projecting over the next several months. We'll be projection-bombing parts of the city. Let me know if you want IN. Contact Ari via

Note from IRC: "jerkey 8:14 can someone make an announcement that muxlux is working on an asterisk server for Omni and needs help getting VOIP phones to work with it? 8:14 the goal is to have telephones all over omni, and at the front door (outside) instead of a doorbell"


  • matt will login to bank acct...
  • $1,363.44 in bank account
    • We already pa

New Members

matt: explains basic membership & use of space. month long pondering before becoming a member.


Would you like to briefly introduce yourself? No. Intro is sufficient How did you find sudo room? Kit Schluder - a friend, visited for a day 4 months go and liked it Why do you want to be a sudo room member? Feedback on work, access to data and engineering What do you want to hack or learn at sudo room? NLP (natural language processing) What do you want to share with or teach at sudo room? Digital art, coding What's your plan to abolish sexual violence, police brutality and white supremacy? (in 10 words or less) I don't have one. What's your plan to end the anthropocene extinction, world hunger, global warming and global inequality? (in 10 words or less) I don't have one. What's your plan to ensure freedom and privacy of communication for all? (in 10 words or less) Data bill of rights! What do you know about sudo room's values? very little - reading all this, and the following, now [ari] What do you know about sudo room's history? very little What do you know about the Omni Commons' statement of solidarity? What was gleaned from the website, skimmed it on the wall What do you know about the Omni Commons' safer space policy? Where is it? Have you ever been banned from a hackerspace or any other collective? Nope Are you a cop? nope An informant? nope A federal agent?

An undercover cop? 

An undercover cat? nope What makes you happy? Happiness of my friends ;)

Cleared Surfaces

  • Those in favor of generally keeping surfaces clear:
    • Straw-poll 8 - 0 - 2

Max is noticing that things

Omni Proposals