Meeting Notes 2015-09-30

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Sudo Room Meeting 30 Sep 2015


  • remote-jenny: no sudo mtg eh?


  • 1st Becoming Omni session is this Sunday, starting at 10am in the ballroom :)


  • Current balance: $2,005.03
  • $322 coming in from PayPal
  • October rent has been paid already.
  • Sep 2 - 30: $1012 (Stripe) + $715 (PayPal) = $1727
  • Monthly costs: $2000 (rent) + ~$300 (utilities)

New Members


DK Sabbatical

The 3-month term of David Keenan's sabbatical ends this week. Originally, it was proposed that he be allowed to return to Omni as a member of the public (not participating in organizing or working groups).

  • A healing circle / accountability process with the North Oakland Restorative Justice Council has also been proposed.


  • Jenny thinks that a healing circle with all involved is a good idea, but that the distinction between 'public' and 'omni' is a dangerous precedent to set, since a commons entails shared stewardship and participation. Rather, it seems prudent to have honest and open conversations about how the decision transpired and why it was made in order to mitigate future issues through compassion and care.

Entrance Hall as Commons for October

The 'front desk' area of the Omni will become designated as a space for collectives to display info / exhibit projects and engage with people entering the space (incorporating ideas from the Welcoming Committee: ), ideally in perpetuity.

The rest of the entrance hall will be designated as a commons, endeavoring to donate $1-2K/month to the Omni through a) facilitating regular 'collabazaars' for local and collectively-generated products, b) hosting pop-up restaurants, c) selling community members' art and publications, and d) booking events in the space through the Commons WG. We will trial run for the month of October, with a report-back and proposal to extend at the first delegates meeting in November (likely Nov 5th).

  • Several folks have been discussing various ways of engaging with the entrance hall, from interior design to construction, front door shifts to vending booths. Participation from all member collectives and anyone interested in creating a welcoming and inviting entrance hall is invited and supported!


Action Items

  • Sudo business license [jenny] - have filled out the form. we need to apply for a zoning clearance first. will do this on Monday.