Meeting Notes 2016-02-03

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sudoroom meeting Wednesday 3 February 2016


name, pronoun, icebreaker q: what's your first "warm" thought?

  • Lesley, pronoun: however you perceive me, "warm' (or perhaps, anti-"warm") thought: How can the net amount of entropy of the universe be massively decreased?
  • Matt, pronoun: he/him or w/e, driving up a mountain in the backseat of an overheating truck with a broken thermostat
  • jenny, she/her, moar campfirez plz



  • New bank account w/ Western Federal Credit Union
  • Monthly expenses: ~$2400
    • Feb Rent: $2000 (paid)
    • Feb utilities: $371 (paid) [Q: is this not january utilities? A: Some Jan, some Feb]
    • Dec utilities: $414.57 (paid)
    • Q1 State Farm Insurance: $254.90 (unpaid)
  • Currently in account: $275.09
  • 1 January - 1 February 2016 income:
    • Stripe/sudo-humans: $986
    • Paypal/Gratipay: $657.75
    • Total: $1643.75/month -> highly unsustainable
  • Who wants to apply for some grants??
  • Status of vending machines?

new members

omni proposals

Building Bloc application for membership

MPM Proposal to Move out of Omni by Feb 29th, 2016

This Sunday, MPM collectively decided that we will move out of Omni by the end of February. There are multiple reasons for this decision: we have been struggling to make the rent + utilites/fees, no one was willing to sign the sublease, and many of the core-organizers are feeling too burnt-out / exhausted to keep the project going at its current capacity. Collective members expressed both sadness and relief at this decision. Our hope is that we can leave on good terms, with minimal impact to the Omni community. Please take a look at the proposal below:

   MPM will move out of our space by Feb 29th, 2016 and will no longer be a collective member of Omni
   We will pay Omni the amount that we currently owe ($1,459) by Feb 29th, but will not be able to pay the upcoming rent or utilities/fees for the month of February
   We will use this time period (now through the end of February) to coordinate moving our equipment out of Omni and to raise the amount we owe and have scheduled a fundraiser for Feb 20th to help raise the money for this
   This was discussed at the last meeting (1/21), and we agreed that collectives would talk it over amongst themselves and come to consensus this week, but that MPM's official notice would date back to Jan 21st, 2016