Meeting Notes 2016-02-17

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sudoroom meeting Wednesday 17 Feb 2016


Icebreaker -- if you could be a non-human organism, what would you be (and you have to act it out)

  • Matt - he/him - lichen
  • Yar - she/her - whale? -- "the humans... are killing... my kind... I better sing a song to my other whales so we can continue our plan to solve our problem through whale solidarity. Don't trust the orcas. They're not really whales--it's true, they eat us. They look like whales **but they're NOT WHALES**"
  • Max - he/him - hermit crab **pinch pinch**
  • bstack - he/him - sunflower **tracks the sun**
  • Substack - he/him - elephant, **throws his trunk around like craaazy**
  • Karissa - she/her - rabbit, **teeth, hand-ears
  • Mikola - he/him - crow, "caw, caw... that's the best I can do"
  • Robb - he/him - dolphin "heeeahah"


  • Sudo Room has directed its board of directors to direct their lawyer to direct the IRS to give sudo room's corporation tax-exempt status under IRS code 501(c)3
  • Yar restarted the modem today
  • Yar - Omni needs YOU. If you've ever said "I'm bored" then you have no reason to abstain from volunteering for the omni commons.
  • Karissa like's sudo room
  • Robb finally got his logic level-shifter (not like a flux capaciter)
    • You could almost argue yes on one side????
    • Inter-generational queer brunch on march 6
    • trans women of color comedy festival may 21-22
  • Paint the south wall of the ballroom --


Ideas for raising money

  • More members
  • Mikola can just pay us right now
  • Party!
    • (how much did this weekend raise?) - $1260
    • Have an event on a Monday in March
  • Bank: $581.03
  • Paypal (incoming): $183.05
  • Stripe: Has deducted 187.87 + 155.06 over the past week, a combination of their $15 fee per dispute (changed to $5) + several refunded fraudulent donations (manually refunded):

See for details

Hacker Happy Hour

  • (what is?)
    • A good time to orient prospective members, hang out casually, have potluck and beverages!

@ 6pm 2/19 - Test Run (members and guests gather!) woohoo!!! 2/26 - Max 3/4 - Yar 3/11 - Robb 3/18 - Matt S 3/25 - 4/1 - ALL FOOLS PARTY 4/8 -

new members


PROMPT: There are no wrong answers

Would you like to very briefly introduce yourself?

  • bstack -- I lived in the bay for a few years, left 6 months ago, but just came back. I work at Mozilla!

What brings you to sudo room?

  • Found us on the internet, thought it might be cool. Then I went to a meeting ^.^ And it was equally cool to what I thought it would be, if not more, possibly less. I'm just curious how long you're going to keep typing what I say. You're pretty good at this, I would have given up by now?

What do you want to hack or learn at sudo room (if you know)?

  • I dunno. Whatevah.

What do you want to share or teach at sudo room (if you know)?

  • I know nothing. I am devoid of knowledge. It's mostly true--I do build tools so, ya know, I know systems stuff. I've made AMIs :D

What's your plan to abolish sexual violence, police brutality and white supremacy? in 10 words or less

  • It starts with me and making sure people I know don't participate

What's your plan to end the anthropocene extinction, world hunger, global warming and global inequality? in 10 words or less

  • Consume less myself.

What's your plan to ensure freedom and privacy of communication for all? in 10 words or less

  • Continue my work at mozilla--that's what we do 8)

expectations Sudo Room is part of the omni commons and as such, we take the omni commons statement of solidarity and safer space policy seriously. These policies include expected codes of conduct and the consequences of unacceptable behavior. As a member, you are expected to both act according to the code of conduct and also to be a part of acting to counter unacceptable behavior (we don't let mistreatment slide). Is this going to be a problem for you?

  • No problem.

Ideally this should include the group going over the statement of solidarity and the expected behavior and consequences of unexpected behavior section of the safer space policy to make sure the person understands what's expected of them.

Have you ever been banned, asked to take a break, or similar, from a hackerspace or any other collective?

  • Nope

What are the best ways to contact you?

  • email

What is your schedule like? Do you have particular times that you think you'll be around? You should check out our regular events!

  • Busy Monday nights, other than that I'm free. I'm underhoused right now, so it's not always easy to be near. That will hopefully change soon.

Explain the next steps in the membership process and what they should expect

old members

omni proposals