Meeting Notes 2016-04-20

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sudoroom meeting/party Wednesday 2016-04-20


icebreaker question :What's a song that was stuck in your head recently? If you want, you can sing it and try to get it in others' heads.
  • Matt, he/him: Backstreet Back
  • Troy, 11: it's by a woman. multiple songs in my head all the time.
  • Charley, he/him: something by Taylor Swift
  • Chris, he: melody he came up with himself, which he performed for us live
  • Bill, he/him: "Royals" by Lorde
  • Jenny, she/her: riff off of "Hello" by Adele -- starts out "Hello, ... I'm in San Francisco dreaming about how things used to be"
  • Syd, they in the postmodern sense: don't have a song, maybe a poem, (the poem was recited too quickly for the note taker to transcribe)


  • Troy is getting married in 27 years


We sold our bitcoins. We're pretty much out of money.

New Members


  • intro: I'm Syd. I do C&C programming for machinists, welding, various software systems. Going to school for AI; going to school for AI, want to learn more programming, hardware, build computers.
  • all that stuff
  • all that stuff
  • all that stuff
  • plan to abolish sexual violence etc: no plan
  • plan to end the anthropocene extinction, etc: not against them. I've been an anarchis for 8+ years or something. These seem like really simple answers, but I think about them a lot.
  • plan to ensure freedom, privacy of communication, etc: can you define freedom? Define freedom? I like privacy. That's cool.
  • Expectations explained in brief. Is that gonna be a problem for you? Agree. Checkmark.
  • Banned? Of course not.
  • Best ways to contact? Email.
  • Schedule? I don't have a schedule until school starts. Will be here every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 7:00. Monday there's a board games night at the Long Haulf board game nights ensued, followed by a meta-discussion of promotion of non-sudo events during the sudo meeting^Wparty.)
  • Matt summarized the further membership process, including the Extended Pondering, and how to donate, and mailing lists, and some of the various accounts available to (prospective) members.
  • Additional volunteered information: I love helping people out. I don't believe in time or space. I blacksmith knives. I made a steel rose. I made these earrings. I 3-D print things. I do a bunch of shit all the time. All sorts of shit.
  • I don't do drugs/alcohol, like climbing mountains, shooting bows, martial arts, meditation. See, numchucks(sp). Also breathing. Whole point of martial arts is to breath. Just to think about the body, we're disconnected and don't think about our bodies... treat them like cars, use the cheapest fuel, only take them in to get checked out when they're broken down... only get a body, they're not machines.
  • What do you want to do with your life? Looking forward to dying, actually. I'm the kind of person who gets more excited about the wrapping paper than the actual presents.