Meeting Notes 2016-06-15

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sudo room meeting wednesday 6/15/2016


Icebreaker question: favorite place you ever lived?

  • name, preferred gender pronoun, icebreaker response
  • matt, he/him, not my fault , the bay are
  • tim, he/him, off-grid in marin county in a settlement I built rent-free and mortgage-free for 5 years!
  • max, he/him, probably hole in ground outside of joshua tree (I liked that)
  • eric m, he/him, best place I lived in a fish tank (doesn't laugh... for a while), it worked for me -- kept the rats away
  • wen-qing (means something girly/poetic in chinese -- colorful warm feelings [rainbow/unicorns]) yan, she/whatever, bay area! obviously! i feel like a hippie!
  • yvonne, she/her, I LOVE west hollywood.
  • alex, he/him, on a mat in a dorm in kyoto -- dorm room with no furniture basically, slept on a mat for three months.
  • jenny, she/her, oakland.
  • robb, he, oakland too? (otherwise leadville)


new members

  • PROMPT: There are no wrong answers
  • Would you like to very briefly introduce yourself?
    • I'm Eric, grew up in Kenya, I'm a farmer and my backgorund is indsutrial electronics and software engineering.
    • wen-qing, I'm a digital artist, and I like, my main day-job being self-employed is working on web comics about stuff I care about (censorship, and polluition in china) I believe in open source an hippie things. as an artist, I don't know anything about engineering, but I want to partner up with other engineers for projects!! I can help!
    • I'm the business opposite of wen-qing -- I have a digital markeitng and internationl distribution background in the entertainment industry. we've been moving around, and lately we came up with a product that's a shaver witha mirror ;) -- trying to to take it off the ground.
    • Alex -- my triumphant return to the bay area for 14 year hiatus. I was into resources for a long time, before that I was a robotic engineer. Now I'm doing something I guess for work? The thing that interest me especially being back in berkeley is that carbon-negative impact is really cool, biochar, water re-use, the controls are becoming super cheap -- can we marry them both -- monitoring the water and use more sustainable energy. That's why I'm here.
  • What brings you to sudo room?
    • Eric: Sudo is dear to me, was there when it started. Been working on projects in my workshop?? like the people that come here ??
    • Wen-qing: Came here for a film showing, on Snowden I think, walked around and thought it was really cool. Would like to make art projects in collaboration with engineers... meeting new people, new friends. Anybody like hiking? I do astrophotography too -- you can get a portrait of you under the milky way!
    • Yvonne: He did (points to alex), but we have been to a few makerspaces, and I can tell he likes you guys a lot! (and I do too)
    • Alex: I've been moving around a lot, haven't been able to find a place as good. I've been working on two things -- one is an automatic storm water filter (it's own actuating device, so to know if things are actually being filtered) -- the idea is to move away from things that are mined, and make a biochar filter. I want to learn to use arduino and raspberry pi too!
  • What do you want to hack or learn at sudo room (if you know)?
    • Eric: Um... people (caugh). Most of my problems today are "people problems"!
    • Used 3D printers and laser cutters, hoping to use the ones here... learning about soldering and making LED light things, Adafruit, Arduino stuff
    • Yvonne: Learning how to 3D print, really get to know it... like working on small projects that are material.
    • Alex: Continuing to rapid prototype, 3D modeling... remote monitoring for the filters I'm making
  • What do you want to share or teach at sudo room (if you know)?
    • Eric: farming, urban-farming, how to use technology to benefit your own life personally
    • Wen-qing: I can teach people anything they want to learn about arts, especially digital arts -- and horror stories about what not to do with manufacturing in china, plus astrophotography. If people need help with designing a logo or making their product cooler, i would be happy to help out.
    • Yvonne: Let me get your number ;) I actually do some of wen-qing's stuff as well - mobiles and design ed work. She'd do it from a very art point of view, and I would do business/marketing point of view. I'm good with marketing politics -- ask me questions!
    • Alex: I spent a lot of time in construction, so I can get through hiring contractors--that's one of my main skills. I can tell you all about storm water. I forgot everything about robotics.
  • What's your plan to abolish sexual violence, police brutality and white supremacy? in 10 words or less
    • E: Open source.
    • W: Free education all the way!
    • Y: I agree with both of the answers -- communication and knowledge.
    • A: Um, I remember um hearing how somebody got rid of the KKK by making a comic book by making all the rituals absurd and ridiculous. Storytelling and satire.
  • What's your plan to end the anthropocene extinction, world hunger, global warming and global inequality? in 10 words or less
    • E: Smart farming.
    • W: Kinda same as last time I guess, should I say something different? Aquaponics.
    • Y: Spread happiness.
    • A: Carbon negative biomass powergeneration!
  • What's your plan to ensure freedom and privacy of communication for all? in 10 words or less
    • E: Openssh / openssl
    • W: easy to use encryption
    • Y: pen and paper
    • A: freedom of information act!
  • expectations: Sudo Room is part of the omni commons and as such, we take the omni commons statement of solidarity and safer space policy seriously. These policies include expected codes of conduct and the consequences of unacceptable behavior. As a member, you are expected to both act according to the code of conduct and also to be a part of acting to counter unacceptable behavior (we don't let mistreatment slide). Is this going to be a problem for you?
    • Ideally this should include the group going over the statement of solidarity and the expected behavior and consequences of unexpected behavior section of the safer space policy to make sure the person understands what's expected of them.
    • E: I dunno
    • W: No.
    • Y: No.
    • A: No, live and let live.
  • Have you ever been banned, asked to take a break, or similar, from a hackerspace or any other collective?
    • E: Not really, chemistry labs banned because I couldn't stop mixing things I wasn't supposed to.
    • W: No, I have not.
    • Y: Does a bar count?
    • Max: I've been banned from a hospital.
    • A: I'm squeaky clean -- sup with you guys?
  • What are the best ways to contact you?
    • E: email --
    • W: text or facebook -- I'm bad at checking emails. -- handle:
    • Y: text / facebook / email / whatsapp / twitter -- thepluckymissy
    • A:
  • What is your schedule like? Do you have particular times that you think you'll be around? You should check out our regular events!
    • E: hopefully many meetings and community events -- for hacking -- but also randomly on my free time (late at night)
    • W: whenever I want! when is the best time?
    • Y: My schedules is flexible too, I work from home -- soo whenever alex is around or something -- I bake! also... I can bring goodies.
    • A: tuesday.
  • Explain the next steps in the membership process and what they should expect