Meeting Notes 2016-11-09

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Sudo room meeting 2016-11-09


  • Brief visit of newcomers: Jose, Ingrid, and Marcus
  • Charley
  • Robb
  • Lesley
  • Jenny
  • remote-matt
  • Patrik (in CCL)
  • Ian - just helped dave push his damaged motorcycle 25 blocks
  • Dave - helped build PGP. possibly has a broken baby toe.
  • Liz


  • Casual discussion of election & ramifications wrt the TPP (Trump opposes), legal weed, the protest currently happening downtown...

Icebreaker question: How likely is the continued participation in the Omni/Sudo to bring reprisal by a newly empowered and untethered police state, even if all behavior is legal and well intentioned? How will this affect you personally?

  • Matt: Unlikely, and I think the police state has yet to present itself as newly empowered and untethered (or at least more so than it already is). I think Omni / Sudo will be important and heartening in facing all the potential adversity before us.
    • Jenny: +1, ftp, organize, collectivize, shut it down & build alternatives
  • Lesley: It's the Bay Area, unless we get an increased federal presence surveilling the Omni, we're not going to see much change.
  • robb: not very
  • Charley: personally probably not much, since i'm a fairly well-off straight cis white guy. my friends, though... :|


  • Charley brought many usb mice and much delicious mac&cheese! +1!
  • Patrik: Deadline for letter of support for the independent national Nation of Makers nonprofit organization, Please try to get a letter in by tomorrow, for maximum visibility (that is, to be included in the big announcement that will be coming out of the White House November 15). See email thread from today.
  • Reminder: If any sudoer needs help or is interested in bicycle repair/maintenance, contact Matt S about utilizing the tools and resources at Spokeland (@ 37th and West).
  • Call for participation: Things are still slowly progressing on the effort to start "Fix-it Clinics" likely on Thurs and/or Sat, at least once per month if not more frequently. If you'd like to participate, please contact Matt S. You can help by:
    • Cleaning anything in sudo room
    • Sorting PC/repair/other parts, as well as tools / repair stations.
    • Soliciting Laptop donations for refurbishment and re-use.
    • Helping create a new inventory system for the repair services & products with Square.
    • Express your interest in offering tech support or volunteer work during a 1-2 hour (or more) fix-it clinic session to raise $ for sudo at some point in the future:
  • Training for folks heading to Standing Rock, this Saturday at PLACE For Sustainable Living - reportbacks from Standing Rock & walking with humility and respect when working with indigenous communities; direct action & civil disobedience; medical supporters training & group health; tech & communications security; legal & know your rights; transport networking & caravan organizing. Contact Jenny to find out more. FB Event page:
  • Street Medics training & certification this Sunday @ Omni


  • currently $523 in our account. sudo has been subsidized by a generous community member for several months. we are not fiscally solvent, bringing in an average of $1500/month from membership dues.
  • jenny is drafting a proposal for the delegates to lower sudo's monthly rent from $2446 to $2000 in our new fiscal sponsorhip agreement..

proposal: sudo to accept $1m donation and $1m loan to buy the omni

via Jenny:

Since the last monthly sudo meeting, in which we consented to a 50/50 split of ownership with the omni by accepting the $1m donation, amending our name and bylaws to mirror that of the current Omni entity, and becoming a fiscally-sponsored project of this reformed org, the Fundraising Working Group has developed a proposal that eases the financial and bureaucratic overhead of splitting all income, expenses, and responsibilities. The delegate council of the Omni has consented to a proposal that sudo room accept BOTH the $1m donation and the $1m loan, fully adopt Omni's bylaws and Board of Directors, and steward ownership of the building moving forward.

Proposal: Extending the proposal consented on at the October 12th meeting, Sudo Room will also accept the $1m loan and steward full ownership of 4799 Shattuck. To this end, Sudo Room authorizes Jennifer Ryan and Matthew Senate, who are currently the authorized signatories of Sudo Room's bank account, to make any financial transactions necessary to complete the building purchase on behalf of the origanization.

October 12th Resolution for reference:


  • Matt S supports this proposal and is thankful something more sane has been found to be possible. Based on our previous discussion, this seems like it should not be controversial.
  • Sigma supports this proposal and is super thankful for the people doing the hard work to make this possible!


  • consenso: Jenny, Matt S, Sigma, Juul, Yar, Liz, Lesley, Ian, Robb, Charley
  • abstain:
  • block:


proposal: from dave

  • who wants to move to an island 40 minutes from here, rent-free, and build a platform for mesh communication between 3D-printed custom-made handheld devices? 5 years, $10m
  • cites highwire -> gnuradio (see also: CryptoRights Foundation)

discussions, assorted

thoughts on #calexit? ==

  • been around for awhile... jeffersonians, cascadia
  • we have the 6th strongest economy in the world, which includes all the good things - wine, weed, tech, & produce
  • we'd get more H1-Bs and thus more delicious curry


  • charley's been working on making the code easier to hack on
  • patrik threatens that ccl will move to a different system if certain features aren't implemented soon, namely notifications when a member doesn't pay their dues
  • patrik arrives just in time
  • user-friendly buttons for signing up at different levels
    • they have sponsored memberships at reduced rates


For next meeting:

proposal: meet more frequently

  • Let's meet every 2nd and 4th Wednesdays instead of only once a month.

discussion: standing rock solidarity hackmeet

  • Fairly preliminary, but I've been wanting to see what could be helpful / productive / aligned from the tech side to best support the ongoing DAPL protest in N Dakota. Please share if you're interested or have project ideas:

new members

action items