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sudo room meeting - 12 April 2017


  • Max - likes squids
  • Charles - likes cats, they're really great
  • Rob - likes dolphins, because they're better than us
  • Jeff - cuttlefish
  • Charley - likes cats, they're adorable
  • Christine - all animals except humans (lol), jk whales
  • Josh - dolphins
  • Tim - red pandas
  • Rossa - elephants
  • Matt - sloth
  • Steve - raccoons, had one that slept in bed with him(!)
  • Robert - robotic tadigrades (water bears)
  • lesley - banana/animal chimera ... jk actually humans
  • Dmitri - birds

ice breaker

favorite animal and why


  • Josh is here for the first time
  • Tim is here for the first time also
  • Charles - you can dial out from the telephones at omni commons -- as well as the payphone out front.
 * press *7 from sudo phone on call from payphone to open front door. matt and charley say to disable. needs more accoutability for entrance. charles going to disable.
    * idea to enter pin to unlock


- new member Q&A - approve new members - what happens when members are approved? How to welcome them to space/improve that experience?

new member Q&A

1 Primary Questions:

   1.1 PROMPT: There are no wrong answers
   1.2 Would you like to very briefly introduce yourself?
   * Dimitry - My interest is mainly in web development--javascript. I'm an old guy, I do have projects I'm working on but I'm mostly interested in DrEaMiNg! I'm working on some pretty interesting stuff, I want to contribute to the community, open source. I want to see what others are into and I'd like to propose what I've learned, and that's my intent. I'm interested in a lot of web projects as well but we all have limited time. I'm interested in contributing to projects for people to be free, grow their own food, automation. I'm pretty good at creating agricultural automated systems.
   Update on Dimitry, and how his membership should proceed: a female member votes to extend initial pondering as opposed to automatically granting membership.
   Stood 6 inches away from her, kept closing space bubble even when she moved away. Gestured ~2 inches from her breast.
   Continued to describe functional programming to her at a very basic level, even when she made it clear that she was familiar with the concept
   In one instance, maybe saying "spahghetti code is the opposite of functional programming" was a little basic and stupid, but still. x3
   While describing what functional programming was, spent >3 seconds looking at chest
   Just...not cool. Small things, perhaps cultural differences (like space bubble, as potential member is not from the US) but still.
   * Jeff -- I originally came here for CCl! I went there a few times. But I couldn't really handle being in a lab all the time because I'm in a lab all day. I like to code a lot and I get to do that more with the sudo room. I'm interested in secure scuttlebutt, mesh project, secure polling, various other related projects. Creative use of anonymity that sort of stuff. 
   * Charles - I go by @Cel online! I'm from NY, I'm working on Secure Scuttlebutt and FrEe SoFtWaRe! That's all -- unless you want to ask me something.
   * I'm tim - from bostom, I moved to the bay 5 months ago. I miss having a workshop in my shed. I don't have one anymore. I'm interested in a couple different things--I like building dumb things like "fruit" bowls, but I also like building interesting things--an Ice-skating robot to help me ice-fish. It was an electric wheelchair with skates on the bottom. I was tired of lugging a sleigh across the ice for ice-fishing! I don't know AnYtHiNg about software--but I should and I would like to. I like to make stuff and figure things out. The only real skill I have in life is asking questions. If I don't know anything about your project I'll ask you things until you get tired of being asked questions.
   * Rasa - I've been living in the east bay ¬ 4 years. I have been hanging out at sudo room for about a month. I am excited to learn about stuff at sudo room, there's cool things here, there's cool things happening here, I'm interested in that lazuh cuttuh.
   ** Max is willing to show anyone with an inkscape file how to use it. -- it's a spectrum hobby laser.
   1.3 What brings you to sudo room?
   * D - Because it's here. I'm into community things. I get stale, so it's a great place to create a brew of idears and see what happens. That's my primary motivation.
   * J - It's a lot more fun to come here and hack on stuff than doing so by yourself. I dig the anarchist sort of vibe.
   * C - I don't live in this area, I'm visiting some family who live in the area. I came here for an event, but to come to sudo room specifically so I can hack on stuff and collaborate with other people.
   * T - My shoes (technically). My next smartass answer: the internet. I found "makerspaces oakland" -- this is exactly what I expected it to be. Here to learn from people and share what I| know 
   * R - I think it's chaotic, where people are around each othre and things come out of that that do not happen from one person or something that would happen out of a meeting. I see that as something I appreciate about the east bay and it's why I'm at sudo room.
   1.4 What do you want to hack or learn at sudo room (if you know)?
   * D - Don't get me started. I want to do it all -- all at once. I want to be quantum, man. I'm getting better at it, but I'm not quite there. It's the synergy. I have a banana pi and a raspberry pi -- I like riding bikes, so I like to just disappear on a bike tour--but I also like to look at my websites. I like to run 6watts of silica to do... -- what I do would probably be good for some other folks. I'll build a controller for anybody who's into electric bikes. 
   * J - Non-hacking related, I want to put up a bunch of mesh networking nodes on roofs (and not fall!)
   * C - I want to work on mesh network and peer-to-peer stuff.
   * T - I have two projects I want to work on immediately, and many more less immediately -- I have a follow-up to my most recent fruitbowl, and a hat to finish within two weeks. I like lighting--like LEDS and electroluminescence. I think that's been underexplored in "hats"
   * R - I'm interested in laser cutter, vinyl cutter, python (not sure where that's going, but how to go places with it).
   1.5 What do you want to share or teach at sudo room (if you know)?
   * D - Javascript
   * J - I might be able to teach python -- but maybe proposing / starting a python class. I would like to start a beginning "crypto" kind of event.
   * C - Anything that you see me doing -- if you're interested, I'll teach you about it.
   * T - I don' tthink I'm a teacher, I like mentoring. I did mechanical engineering and biomedical engineering, but I don't do that anymore ^.^
   * R - I'm not sure what skills I have that are appealing, teachable, or shareable. I'd be happy to be involved in evertyhing. I'm excited to participate!
   1.6 What's your plan to abolish sexual violence, police brutality and white supremacy? in 10 words or less
   * D - By being kindnd--kindness you know. I tend to be a mass weapon of kindness. It doesn't go on like a bomb, it just flutters like a bird. The key is to make people smile.
   * J - I don't know a lot of video games and kindness.
   * C - Awareness of privilege, non-violence, building alternatives. 
   * T - People always mistake me for a cop--once a week. I'm not. -- Imitating a police officer and being an aggressive pascifist.
   * R - Radical acts of love, consistently choosing life, and decentralized self-governance (autonomy) -- unbounded autonomy.
   1.7 What's your plan to end the anthropocene extinction, world hunger, global warming and global inequality? in 10 words or less
   * D - That's the same subject. I apply the previous method (js reference). I'm invoking that function.
   ** To quit the monetary system. That's the root of it, then were going to become free for a while and things are going to normalize. Copying and sharing is what humans are supposed to do. 
   * J - Emphasize systems that are not zero-sum. Show people they don't have to compete.
   * C - Veganism, cooperative living, reducing reliance on money.
   * T - Build a machine to convert co2 into food for rhinos.
   * R - Redistributed control / power, black power, end capitalism.
   1.8 What's your plan to ensure freedom and privacy of communication for all? in 10 words or less
   * D - This is like the last frontier of freedom -- it's free because we're sharing idears openly. I don't know I have to... there are ways to secure communications, it's a process, and um, that's already more than ten words. I'm into building tools to let people collaborate together, to link our minds and share our idears, to unite us. No matter what it is--to allow us to form communities, not restricted by geogrpahy. We have the technology to do it, there is no way of stopping us. 
   * J - Decentralize all the things and then tell people.
   * C - Secure scuttlebutt--use it or build on it. Use free software, and not centralized corporate services.
   * T - Make people care about it. 
   * R - spaces like sudo room where people are working on projects & participating in community and looking at things they are using, trying to add their own things. Doing things and trying things!
   1.9 expectations
   1.10 Have you ever been banned, asked to take a break, or similar, from a hackerspace or any other collective?
   No all round.
   1.11 What are the best ways to contact you?
   * D - Texting by phone and facebook. Dmitry Shusterman Text nine two five three eight eight six four three zero
   * J - patchwork, gmail, berkeley
   * C - patchwork, irc, email (pgp++), phone.
   * T - email
   * R - phone or in person
   1.12 What is your schedule like? Do you have particular times that you think you'll be around? You should check out our regular events!
   * D - not twice in the same way, not regular hours
   * J - 7ish in the evenings, perhaps different on weekends
   * C - mid-day to late. leaving town end of next week
   * T - mostly nights or weekend mornings
   * R - Tuesday nights
   1.13 Explain the next steps in the membership process and what they should expect


- Robert Albert Young Chu

 * to discuss mediation, and returning to the Sudoroom community as a whole
  • Interested in talking to people about how to possibly re-enter sudo room community. What I'd like to get into moreso overall for the community is if I'm coming to the community to ask some questions, to come back in an appropriate and more trusting way. My actions can be more levelled off with more recommendations. I might not be a good fit, but I'm looking for that knowledge that I odn't currently have to become a better more efficient member of this community. Please note there was a lot of stuff going on at that time. I want to come back to the community and hack on my own projects. I went on my first trip around the world (mexico) and first road trip, and now I see the world in a lot more mellow way, not so goal-oriented/terminal. I have a slower modus operandi for working with other people.
    • I was more high-strung at the time.
  • I also wanted to move the most efficiently between one ladder and another -- this concerned marc.
  • I wanted to make the space more efficient, I didn't hear Jake say not to move the robot arm brain--so I moved it.


  • I want to start working on Hydrogen devices with Robert. -- I want to mod it to a 1993 geo metro.
  • I want to get back into coding -- especially microcontrollers to do readings and test cases for my vehicle.
  • I'm really into sustainability and efficiency -- health, etc. Real hacker lifestyle--unlike LifeHacker. I want to distribute information how to live the hacker lifestyle more efficiently.
  • I want to create a huge open source hacker / hackerspace interweb version 2.0 -- whereas we're on version 4 or 5 now. There could be a hacker-space-or-hacker-place and check/out of spaces, for help and resources. Ping other places to bring those resources. In addition to that it will be a resource for hackerspaces to collaborate on a global scale--then they can trade and make efficiencies between hacker places. I want to get back into that. i think the distribution of resources on that level -- especially hackersapces -- would be monumental. Even makerspaces could sync up with it. It could make a huge positive impact to offset the negative impacts in the world right now.
  • I also want to play with the laser cutter.
  • And to top that off, I want to be able to build a comfortable community of understanding and trust, in which I would like to be able to address social problems.
  • I want to continue working toward the hacker ethic, and be reunited with hacking communities.
  • I don't know what else to say, I want to take this slow and with a grain of salt -- whatever feels comfortable. My idea is definitely different from others, and I respect that.
  • Marc asked not to come back, and I respect that before the meeting.

2 Afterwards

   2.1 Get them set up to pay membership dues on sudo-humans
   2.2 Give them Blog and Wiki accounts.
   2.3 Subscribe them to mailing list(s).