Meeting Notes 2017-07-12

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sudo room meeting - July 12th 2017

ice breaker

how much does a polar bear weigh?


matt - depends on how much it works out sierk - adult or juvenile? gabby - enough to break the ice charley - just less than enough to break the ice? pat - i can neither confirm/deny zav - 1400 pounds? grant - depends on definition of "weigh" robb - 900 pounds


Hasn't happened lately. Matt volunteers to do the next one, which will be on August 2nd.

new members


describe? I am a 24-year-old queer software engineer. Pronouns are she/they. Pescetarian. Excited all the time!! Doing web dev. Wanna make events, do volunteer work, build a 3-d printer (never actually finished). Do all the things! Former French horn player

brings you? The community aspect of it. After graduated college, nowhere to make/learn, no study rooms, nowhere to just drop in and form friendships like at a library or computer lab.

hack/learn? web dev right now, want to learn android, want to play with AR/VR, dataviz, mod a 3-d printer to print with sugar. not sure. all the things.

share/teach? just like accessibility of knowledge.

abolish sexual violence etc? representation, accountability, community engagement, volunteer software development, and listening

abolish other bad things? engagement in the effective altruism community

ensure freedom and privacy? cryptocurrency, EFF, representation accountability, security training outreach

problem for you? no.

banned? no

contact? I come on Thursdays frequently. Also not on Thursdays.

when do you schedule? Sometimes Mondays, Thursdays, sometimes weekends. Maybe Tuesdays. Who knows?!


describe? IAmA freelance creative, a pro logician, & an aspiring polyglot.

brings you? sudo mesh, pretty much

hack/learn? everything. mostly hardware stuff, esp8266's, firmware, hardware, a little bit of software.

share/teach? share knowledge of philosophy and existentialism

abolish sexual violence etc? overthrow the institution of capitalism that causes those

abolish other bad things? institute a more equitable society

freedom/privacy? build out the mesh so people aren't uhhhh being watched. there you go.

SoS/etc, problem?

banned? no


around? a lot. so much already that people thought I was a member.


describe? IAmA 25-year-old human, studying EE, interested in various forms of libertarian socialist philosophies, decentralizable renewable energy, other types of ill shit

brings you? i seek inspiration for continuing on the labourious path of studying by seeking inspiration from like-minded people

hack/learn? i'm interested in mobile devices and figuring out how to contribute to replicant and other open source software OSes for mobile devices; solar projects, maybe creating MPPTs (don't worry about that); 3D printing, networking, encryption

share/teach? I can speak Spanish, so I can help people practice Spanish. I can help teach principles of solar design, plumbing skills, martial arts, spicy and delicious black bean recipes.

abolish sexual violence etc? community solidarity; receptivity of constructive criticism; and radical responsibility

end other bad shit? educate, organize, agigate, meditate

freedom etc? learn infosec principles and teach them

problem for you? not at all

banned? not at all

contact? [an email i didn't put in the notes]

schedule? usually try to come on tuesdays for the mesh meetings; in the future, will be in school and probably Thursdays, or all the time

ban of running wolf

Very many examples of objectionable behavior, including both verbal and physical abuse, were cited by at least five people.

Matt provided some background/back-story and additional perspective for this individual.

Matt also suggested an alternative to a ban: perhaps a clearer explanation of behavioral expectations with a future ban as a consequence

Jake suggested the minimal appropriate response, whatever that might be

Current status: he's not a member of any collective here, so shouldn't be here after 10pm; shouldn't be let in the door unless someone takes responsibility and supervises him, or he's here for an event

As of the end of the meeting today, we have 6/10 consensus on the following: [ Sudo Room's position is that it needs to be explicitly communicated to Running Wolf and documented what Running Wolf has done wrong, the standards he will be held to. Further, sudo room is comfortable with either:

   1) terms of behavior that would result in a ban, or
   2) a ban, so long as there is a clear path to lift the ban, such as through a letter and possible reversal of decision by the board of omni commons.

Suggested requirements: - no violence or threats of violence - no misrepresenting yourself as a member of a collective - don't be in the space between 9pm and 8am - don't use the space in a domestic fashion; for example: storing personal items, conducting behavior associated with habitation, sleeping, etc. - clean up after yourself at all times. - otherwise adhere to the statement of solidarity and safer space policies. - no assumption that because someone opened the door, that they are vouching for you in the space. - no expecting or demanding that someone else will allow him in the building simply because he is here, or because he is ringing the doorbell. ] ^ We need 4 more members to agree to the above for quorum. If you're a member and you were not here in person and you agree, please write your name here:

   * jnny (tho don't see the point if this proposal was not communicated with the wider membership in any way)