Meeting Notes 2021-05-19

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Sudo Room Meeting, 2021-05-19 6pm




  • Updates from sudoers on what they've been up to!
  • Deciding how to re-open sudo room for day to day activities
  • Finance: Paying our Omni debt and becoming solvent
  • Door access control and membership payment system improvements
  • Omni IT infrastructure improvements
  • Current Omni proposals
  • IRC channel


Intros: who are you (name/nym, pronouns) and what have you been up to?

  • juul - in sudoroom right now
  • Patrik - CCL reopening, currently limited to 6 at a time in the space
  • Nik - new person from Stuttgart. Interested in ethical hacking, communities, activism. Interested in joining
  • Ed - living in a kennel. Have done absolutely nothing over the past year.
  • Tim - livng in a barn, Boston area. fixing up an old mansion from 50's
  • Angle - whole lot of nothing for a year. Now electronics teacher at Crucible.
  • Jenny - working non-stop. Program manager at Equalite: peer-to-peer tools for censorshp circumvention. Learning highly international collaborations
  • Ian - also in Sudo right now



  • Much cleaner - Ian been working on floors
  • CCL: Arranged space to accommodate 6people with appropriate distance
  • 25% occupancy = 6.25 people in CCL and 6.25 in sudo (49 person occupancy)
  • Various plans for types of orgs, but none really apply to us
  • So, looking at spaces with employees:
    • Site-specific protection plan (needs to be posted on the wall)
    • Training for anybody who's going to be in the space
      • Ask folks to read a document
      • Online quiz they need to take prior to card reactivation
    • Cleaning schedule, various required cleaning activities
    • Signup sheet at CCL/Sudo entrance - need to have enough info to do contact tracing
    • Need to participate in at least one cleaning activity (eg bathrooms, door handles)
    • Still, is honor-system based

1. Rearrange tables to accommodate individual workstations rather than one big table

  • Docs guidance available for various types of events, one in particular on "Gatherings" - no guest list, no assigned seating
    • CDC stilly strongly discouraging indoor gatherings, or 25% occupancy at most
    • No food or drink
    • Mask-wearing (controversial for vax'd, but still Omni policy)
  • What about movie theaters? 50% capacity
    • Guidance assuming people are minimally interacting

Door Access Control & Membership System

Omni IT Infrastructure

  • Some things died in the last heatwave. "It's just a mess"
  • Ordered new gateway router with Sudomesh funds. Yar requested a second for space.local to run internal service
  • Planning to order some switches to replace the one w the screaming fan
  • Daniel donating a stack of POE switches from his work (picking up Friday) \o/

Finance & Fundraising

  • Current Omni debt: $12K (imminently $14K)
  • Monthly shortfall of nearly $1K (monthly contrib is $2K)
  • Transferring ~$7500 in cryptocurrency accumulated (juul & jake)
  • Grant opp, $10K for community projects increasing hacker foo:
  • Sudoers been doing a bunch of electrical work for Omni that was quoted to us by a contractor at $7500
  • Jake asking David Keenan to do a walkthrough and signoff on the work quality (AA, BA) -


  • Bank balance: $3,250.27 (just transferred Paypal this week)
  • Incoming BTC funds: $5800
  • Potential forgiveness given electrical work: $7500
  • Owed by Anthony for some ebay sales: $1,800

Crowdfunding campaign?

  • juul willing to work on some filming & editing
  • People working on anything cool>
    • Jake - x-ray inside [ redacted ]
  • Send juul photos/video of stuff you've bee

IRC Channel

Sudo Room computers

  • Space.local
    • Yar attempting to fix.
  • Computers upstairs needing fixing
    • Sierke is updating them.
    • One of them is not turning on.
    • May replace with six-core machine
    • Updating Ubuntu
  • Single-board computers for video playing
    • Lower power consumption
  • Computers should be off if not used.
    • Human may turn computer off if no human operating it
    • Computer should turn itself off - via system settings - or use cron job

Current Omni Proposals


Proposal for North Oakland Mutual Aid to become an Omni collective (fiscally sponsored project)

The purpose of the Project is to:

   The sole purpose is to distribute fresh hygiene supplies and food to our houseless communities. Over the course of the month we collect donations for distribution to 550 unhoused neighbors on the 2nd Sunday of each month, and have started to host a monthly free store on 3rd Sundays (which we hope to expand). We are in a fundraising campaign on a continuous basis to make this happen. We have also been distributing water via a water tank loaded onto trucks. We fill up water bottles for folks at these encampments. We are working closely with other efforts to create potable water tanks at the sites, so there are more consistent needs for water being met on a daily basis. All of these efforts are growing as ideas come forward to create more sustainable systems for regenerative/resilient dignified communities. Many of the residents of these communities inform us of what their needs are and how we can support systems together. 


  • yar: not only support it, but feel existential about it


  • juul, yar, jnny, jake, tim, ed, cel

Omni Officer & Board Elections

Nominations for Omni Commons president, secretary and treasurer are up.

Particularly, we are looking for new folks to fill these roles, especially BIPOC and other marginalized folks. We have Directors & Officers insurance.

  • Description of roles and duties: ...