Meeting Notes 2021-06-30

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Action Items

  • Policy & planning
    • Careful re-opening.
    • Noisebridge offer, donation matching & itemization of planned spending
    • Planning 5mof events in the future
    • Further collaboration & support with APC.
    • Re-enginging the community. For fun, for funds, for hackerkind.


Intros: who are you (name/nym, pronouns) and what have you been up to?

  • jerkey
  • James (noisebridge)
  • James
  • Imma
  • juul
  • dane
  • charles
  • Ibrahim
  • mcint

--- jerkey: (ran meeting, handling managment of sudoroom at present)

james: (representingnoisebridge, offering donation and seeing greater collaboration and cross-pollination. mutual tours and introduction to spaces.)

dane: more recent member, joined in september. involved with EBFNB & North Oakland Mutual Aid, been working with omni comms. (updating Omni Commons social media, mostly Twitter & Instagram) not much of a tech person but advocate for community technologies, open source, diy/dit.

charles: mostly a javascript dev by day. focus on node services with functional twist. also like to hack on digital electronics stuff and digital music stuff in my free time. just interested in doing what i think is cool here.

mcint: (transcribing notes after the fact, from small notes and memory. software engineer. previously involved with returning to get involved in space and community again.)


  • Physical space access again.
    • Counter-Culture Labs (CCL) has interesting policy. Wear mask, 12 person max occupancy, and vaccination is required unless member goes through process to request unvaccinated access permission from the community
    • We build the tools, we follow the lead of CCL on bio/medical ethics. (and we share space, so shared policy appropriate).
  • Imma: talked about Alameda Point Collaborative (APC), the goals, current efforts, and some near term plans.
    • Maker Farm 2.0. Open-house event, Sun, July 11.
    • Resillence Hub. ?
    • Working on acquiring rights to use an unused city dept building.
    • Interest in collaborating with Noisebridge and SudoRoom.
      • Wants people who can teach youth and other recently housed folks, introduce them to electronics and makering.
      • Would like support in managing a tool library, though sudoroom doesn't have the money to provide that kind of support at this time.
      • Even before city building could be used, would like people who could work with charter schools in electronic introduction.
    • Event some time (outside!) in August to allow close, in-person meeting of SudoRoom, APC, and NoiseBridge communities.
  • Fundraising. Noisebridge donation.
    • Noisebridge would like more visibility into what donation money will be spent on.
      • Rent due to OmniCommons
    • We should continue to use larges donations in whole or in part to offer matching donations from sudoroom/omnicommons community
  • 5mof "5 minutes of fame" events
    • Goal of cross-polination with noisebridge & APC
    • NoiseBridge runs monthly events. Next 5mof this Friday, 07/02 at 6pm.
    • SudoRoom could hold a join-event to start, in a month, or start our own. Will start assembling presenters, planning event. Still, ideally, outdoors. Perhaps at APC's Maker Farm.

  • Emails, e.g. "is the meeting happening? I don't see an email" - If you have this thought, please send the reminder email to the list.

Still want: Need more social media outreach to reach new people (Dane can retweet Sudo Room social media through Omni Commons social media, double the awareness )

Look into other hackerspaces for how members make payments (Noisebridge, Chaos Computer Club, Double Union, Queerious, of course Hacker Dojo, ...etc.)