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Conclusions from last meeting

  • Membership requires trust
E.g. one or more members need to sign for the member to be approved
  • Membership requires contribution
Monetary or otherwise.
  • Membership grants 24/7 access
  • Membership grants "voting" rights
  • It should be easy to become a member
  • It should be easy to kick members out
E.g. if they endanger the safety of the space

juul's implemenation


At least two members must be willing to sign for a member to be approved. Same system as noisebridge. This can be done digitally, in person or in writing.


Memebership requires contribution of time or money or a combination of time or money.


For monetary-only contribution to the space, there are two suggested levels:

  1. $30 a month, aka the starving hacker rate.
  2. $60 a month, aka the normal rate.

Contributions are sliding scale, but cannot slide below $30 a month unless combined with other forms of contribution (see next section).


Time can be contributed by working on things that benefit the mission of keeping sudo room open, making sudo room more usable and getting more members.

Membership requires at least 4 hours of time contribution per month.

There is a list of tasks that contribute towards time contribution for the purposes of membership. These are constantly updated by group consensus and anyone (even non-members) can suggest new tasks to be put on the list.

Suggested initial tasks:

  • Keeping the space open and giving tours at set times.
  • Organizing the space in a semi-permanent way by making named containers and putting stuff in those containers
  • Coming in at a specific times and organizing the space
  • Giving talks about sudo room at other events
  • Tagging and documenting stuff with labitrack/mycelia.

Verification for time spent on tasks is handled by putting the task on the time tracking wiki page and having at least one other member sign off on it. More documentation is encouraged, especially photos of the space looking all organized!



Members get individual access codes that grant 24/7 access. These cannot be fully anonymous as we need the ability to revoke access if someone is banned from sudo room.


Non-members are free to come in and use the space whenever a member is present to let them in, but must leave with the last member to leave the space.

Non-members have 24 hours of free use of the space (per lifetime) without being vouched for. This is not automatically enforced, and will not often need to be enforced, but if a non-member has been in the space for more than 24 hours then any member can ask if any of the members currently in the space will vouch for the non-member as their guest. If no-one chooses to vouch for the non-member, then the non-member must leave until they become a member or find someone to vouch for them. This may seem like an odd policy, but if you think about it, it will be enforced under the following conditions:

  1. A member has a problem with a non-member being in the space.
  2. The non-member has been there for more than 24 hours.
  3. No one in the space feels willing to speak up to let the non-member stay.

This policy will prevent what has happened at Noisebridge, but is very unlikely to otherwise affect how sudo room has been running.

Banning members