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Peoples Open Meeting - Jan 2, 2017


  • mario - i got mushroom pants - ccl/likes2mesh/gardenmesh/sensors4mesh
  • mai - got the flu :( but also new pants :) - grant*i worked on the BYOI flyer text/info... went around in circles. would like a brainstorm about messaging
  • will - stoked about getting more nodes up! - got to drive the Alcatraz ferry over xmas
  • jorrit - xmas/nye :P - how to make BYOI replicable for other cities. interested in learning how to operate an exit node - started to write a guide (somewhere in babeld-lab code at current)
  • jehan - went camping w/ ladyfriend (
  • jenny - animal safari at di$ney world, sudomesh has 501c3 status retroactive since 2013, dropped off doors for the village, 23rd @ international, block from Cycles of Change (CoC), LOLspace Liberating Ourselves Locally, hackerspace - idea to setup a node, talks about possible sunday node mounts
  • marc - visited family in den,ark, bike was stolen - made a guide for home to hook up home nodes to wifi over ethernet -
    • jorrit: should we make a docs (eg ReadTheDocs) project?
  • x/jc - used to be involced, getting re-involved via gardenmesh project, starting to think about what could be next
  • mike kahn - working on getting horst wifi'r-sniffer working. v. difficult but got it working.
  • asha(?) - ~500ft in SF / San Bruno Mountain - 270degrees view from Hayward to S San Fran
  • jacques - volunteer at revolution books - working on bookscanner. wanted to learn about mesh
  • dany (one n) - heard of sudo mesh, book scanner at revolution books (?)
  • blake - home in texas <3
  • sierk - four hikes. go on hikes! been sick.
  • scott - moved out my family over the holidays - finished disasterradio board ~2wks ago. waiting for fitz to move it over. may be moot given this:
  • robb - not too much to report. excited about

discussion items


sunday node mount ( )


  • Cycles of Change: 23rd and International
  • LOLspace - east oakland
  • House near Rose Garden

question - who is point person for sunday node mount coordination?

disaster radio update / exit node operator / maintenance

  • juul: haven't finished configuring the node [OTHER STUFF I COULDN'T TRACK[
    • jehan: james has been updating his setup
  • jorrit reproduced on issue on opening new tunnels, stopped working on it because couldn't do the bounce? - restart again and see if we can reproduce
    • working on a guide for setting up an independent exit node
  • juul: tunneldigger is hugely outdated and we need to update - set this up on the new exit node and move nodes over one at a time.
  • PAPA

certbot / nginx

Sierk will fix this


* server-side

Sierk will fix this


should go out in about 10 days, will follow up on mailing

breakout groups

cleanup mesh cage

Sierk volunteers for later in the week.

command-lion and dragon-drop visual extravaganza how to bridge the gap Mike Kohn

action items (incl. previous )

  • hack on
    • link to github site & share [jenny[ (is it shareble yet?)
  • reach out to VICE (contingent on getting up & running) - [grant] (perhaps only share with vice, then invite them to make it better?)
  • follow up with free mail server offer [jenny]
  • figure out when to send copy to east bay express, sf cheap, and other media outlets.
  • check list of existing networks and update status and metadata - jenny/jorrit -
  • design stickers for the node - jorritt already did with electrical tape
    • find the infographic on the wiki
  • livestream for byoi - robb
  • reach out to panelists - you / me / blake
  • ssl certbot does not automatically reboot the nginx server when it updates the cert? - sierk