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April 3rd Hacknight


Jenny, Juul, Daniel, Jeremy, Deekoo, Alex, Max, Hol, Chris, Will,


  • We are now provisionally fiscally sponsored by Media Alliance:
  • Google Bay Area Impact Challenge application has been submitted. Possible award of 100/250/500k!
  • We don't need to do taxes if we've made less than 10k/yr (we made about 5k)
  • Marc submitted an article to Slingshot
  • Gimmick for First Friday (tomorrow) - set up a mobile node connected to RPS' wireless
    • Set up a node that dangles outside of sudo's window
  • Merakis are solved! Thanks to Adrian for his expertise in solving the Mysterious Window Chill Issue.
  • We now have a 3D printer that can print in ABS!
  • OpenBTS network? Talk to Shaddih
  • We should submit a talk for HOPE X:

Fiscal Sponsorship

  • Media Alliance

December report

  • 1099 question - anyone contracted for services past $600
  • Yahoo! store for donating tax-deductibly
  • Email updates in newsletter
  • Can support grant proposals.
  • not requied to report the income (min. around 10k)
  • the hardware is tax-deductible

Need from us:

  • Organizational letterhead formal request from Sudo Mesh w/ 2 paragraph description
  • Tentative project budget - year or durationu
  • Project timeline (quarterly is good)
  • Takes about 10 days to process
  • Then a formal legal agreement is issued

Captive Portal

  • Apple devices are wonky
  • Could use IP Tables to search for specific strings


  • Add network diagrams to Help or Documentation bar
  • iPad testing

Gratuitous Link Dump