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People's Open Network Weekly Meeting - 05 November 2019 7:30pm-9pm


  • Jenny - she/her - Part
  • Radar - amateur radio, excited about and radio projects, he/him
  • Nels - he/him - want to install a node and share internets
  • seth - he/him/they/them - experienced with node intalls and down to help folks plug in
  • Angela - she/her - came last week for hardware hack, found out about the project and want to plug in, software engineer, been looking for a place like this, outside of work stuff to help the community
  • juul: can get flexible solar panels now, fairly lightweight, 50W, replace LI battery
  • Loren - he/him - outside the door. - setup a mcan plug esh node in my home and figure out how i t
  • Tyler - he/him - crazy ham person trying to get more hams involved
  • Vanessa - she/her - interested in learning more
  • Kevin - he/him - same


  • DevSummit 2019 - tomorrow through Friday! Contact Jenny for info/access - Sudo Mesh
    • Attendees -
        • Name:
  • Juul: Hardware for mobile hotspots should be arriving this weekend. Solar panels, chargers, antennae - need to test the setup on Sunday afternoon, ~1pm if anyone wants to join!
    • Tasks for completion:
      • Which frequencies are used by Sprint in the East Bay? Different in different areas?
      • TS-9 to antenna adapters (depending on frequencies) - whichever are cheapest
        • Sprint uses LTE bands 25, 26, 41 - is this consistent across bay area?

  • Radar: According to a Radio Frequency – Electromagnetic Energy (RF-EME) Compliance Report prepared for a Sprint rooftop installation near Regent Street in Berkeley, Sprint utilizes the following three frequencies:

2500.00 MHz - Band 41 (2502-2690 MHz), 800.00 MHz – Band 26 (806-825 MHz & 851-869 MHz), 1900.00 MHZ – Band 25 (1850-1990 MHz)


How much power do nodes use?

Sonic fiber allow sharing?

  • Allow open hotspots, but not direct links.

Action Items

  • Swag-making for Sunday: Jenny/Seth/you?
  • Send paperwork for CoD grant - Jenny/you?