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Peoples Open Meeting - Dec 5, 2017


  • Sierk - working mostly on web stuff, right now working on newsletter
  • Scott - should have been working on disaster radio circuit board
  • Robb - eagerly awaiting DR circuit board
  • grant - setup etherpad instance on mesh at ; creating layout / block diagram of disaster radio
  • Kathy - interested in mesh network / took html-css-avascript classes; would like to get more involved
  • Devin - feels he shouldn't talk
  • Mishi - used to be learner at learners guild, sounds interesting, would like to get involved, js/css/hfml
  • Emma - also a learner at learners guild, staff has purchased equipment to start working on mesh stuff? js/css/html, played around with python
  • Jenny - great to see new faces, been involved for a long time, focuses on documentation, bureacrazy bureaucracy!
  • Jehan - showing Devin how to install Althea mesh, curious about Chris J's house
  • Jorrit - hello, i am jorrit. i'm building my own internet right here (points to table) trying to get it to work with the current firmware. i'm interested in getting what has been built over the past 5 years and spreading the word through workshops and interested helping people get started on the project.
  • marc/juul - did a bunch of work on firmware and software in general, wants to finish stuff that makes it easier to get involved e.g., automated,node configuration
  • leez - working on disaster radio, into anti-surveillance flash mob, Get Up Street Theater!

discussion items

firmware build update

  • Jorrit - worked more on firmware, wants to get entire build process on thumbdrive, all external dependencies and everything, ran docker build without network and found out what didn't work, created an issue,

link to issue

  • also wants to get two nodes to mesh again, didn't see them last week, ad-hoc modes do not work on OmniCommons routers, a little confused by seeing SSIDs and not able to mesh with them.
  • Loren (came last week) is working on building a build machine, was trying with an amazon AWS? jorrit told him it just needs to work on a normal linux machine.

build your own internet workshop 27 January 2018

  • Jorrit - hoping we can start writing copies to put in EBX, SFfuncheap, etc,
  • also a pad for that:
  • juul - wants a segment on how to violate net neutrality
  • Jorrit - anti-net-neutrality
  • Jenny - theme: how to build your own neighborhood mesh, 30 - 50 homes in a neighborhood, tools, equipment, budget, etc.
  • Scott - Rayc was here last week interested in meshing his sister's aparment complex, good case study for neighborhood mesh.
  • Jorrit - Jenny and others know Rayc, will try to get in contact with him.

disaster radio

  • Scott - hasn't worked on it for last week, all the cars died
  • Kathy - Mercury retrograde
  • juul - disaster radio is on haitus until after the holidays, heading out on the 19th, would like to send out boards to get built before Christmas
  • Scott - just having trouble doing rebuild
  • juul - send to Piet to do sanity check on it before sending to build
  • grant - would like to get second partially working prototype built
  • juul - two people asked about funding the project on #disasterradio channel on SSB

anti-surveillance flash mob

  • Leez - this thursday at OmniCommons flash mob practice in the ballroom, song is "Somebody's Watching Me"
  • will be performed ??? wherever, multiple locations, hand out flyers
  • teach as many people to dance and dance anywhere and everywhere


  • Running on the sudomesh server @ - on the mesh but also has an internet connection
  • Using MySQL as the database - sierk helped with the routing
  • Ask for admin access to add plugins
  • Still needs to be documented - started documenting on the wiki

sunday node mount

  • jenny waiting on reply from ChrisJ, will check in on his Kensington rooftop node w/ Jehan if he's available
  • possible robb, grant, kathy,
  • sierk talked to diane, has place in marin with views of the bay, is interested in getting on the mesh, possible internet archive connection
    • she's having a party the weekend after this, has an amazing view of the bay
    • will only do it if only sudoroon uses the mesh connection
  • Jorrit - she knows exactly what we are doing
  • Jenny - omni cannot rely on that sort of connection, no line-of-sight to marin

action items

breakout groups

  • PR: newsletter & social media - sierk / jenny / ?
  • newbie introz ^_^ - jorrit / ?

miscellaneous link dump

for authorship see old pad,