Mesh/05 February 2015

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Max, Alex, Chris, Marc, April, Joseph


  • Max and Alex: Solved and MTU issue in the new firmware. Looks like it was a tunneldigger issue, but they found a workaround.
  • Alex: One of the De Novo folk went to the East Bay Broadband Coalition meeting. Not a lot of new info there apparently.
  • April: Knows one of the people at Media alliance well and wants to ask her about potential partners she may know of. She will sync with Jenny since we have an existing relationship that Jenny set up.
  • Marc: Should I mount on the rooftop at Captain Morgans since it seems like we don't have line of sight? Decision is no, not yet, but we will try to put an updated node at treeherder.
  • We should update the omni calendar to say more clearly that last thursdays are for new people and other days are not.
  • Joseph is up for helping with rooftop mounts whenever.
  • Budget from for lmi request:
  • We decided just to sign up for LMI ~140 mbit connection as soon as possible and then do the budget request in parallel (it will likely take some time before they can come set it up).
  • This coming sunday we are mounting on Will's house.
  • The next sunday after that we are having a "mounting test mesh nodes at omni" day. We will use picostations and Marc will order some of the Texas Instruments routers.
  • Talk with Chris2 about tunneldigger upgrade that he wants to do to make it take fewer resources.

st. nik won't take a hint and is annoying for a bit. Marc scowls at him.