Mesh/05 June 2014

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  • Juul, Ron, Jenny, Alex (remote logging & measurement), Will, Jeremy, Jason, Ivy, Deekoo (paranoia), Dan, Daniel


  • Marc set up the Laney roof node last night! We're going to mount it tomorrow at noon
    • Couple of problems to solve with the new chipset
    • Running auto-ssh creating a reverse ssh tunnel - so we can communicate with it, as can the folks working on sensor data stuff
    • 5GHz high-powered sensitive antenna pointing east
    • We'll probably be able to put more nodes up
  • Jake made nice serial console loggers so we can get explicit logs when nodes go down
    • Folks who've been experiencing crashes should take one of those
  • Jenny set up a bank account last week
    • Also working on the wiki information architecture - feedback appreciated!
    • Panel at Open Source Bridge at the end of June on community wireless mesh, w/ People's Open Net, wlan-slovenia, KC Freedom Network & (maybe) Altermundi!
  • Alex set up a test server for logging over snmp
    • Suspects that tunneldigger is responsible for the crashes
    • Marc: Could also be batman-adv or l2tp - something kernel level - or maybe the combination of the two?
    • Marc: Right now if you don't have an internet connection you can't run a node
  • Daniel's node started working, then stopped! probably an exit node issue
  • Will: Center for a Stateless Society threw half a bitcoin to people's open net!
  • Jeremy: Set up a mini-mesh at Lightning in a Bottle!
    • Ran off a so0lar panel + a battery
    • Ran etherpad-lite successfully
  • Ivy wants to work on the splash page / service browser
    • Functions for adding your own services
    • Upvote/downvote system for quality control ^.^
    • Combo traffic-monitoring and voting for quality control
    • Admin interface could use improvements as well - all written in Lua
  • Dan has a bunch of O'Reilly books! Contact him
  • PeopleOpen.Net participated in Reset the Net day of action today!
  • Network plan for the Omni!
    • Look into Unix Surplus
    • What kind of Internet connection can we get there?
    • Comcast has offered 105mbps and multiple lines

Inventory Update

  • Adapt the bullet antennae for the picostations
  • 150-200 Sparkys (nice, have built-in hardware watchdogs) - so need power cables, enclosures, antennae
  • 19 picostations
  • Ubiquiti Unifi?

DIY Antennae/Enclosures

  • Boxes that could be weatherproofed? jerry-rigged antennae? (could get it under $10 this way)
  • Jake has all the equipment for calibrating antennae
  • Most nodes are going to be in peoples windows anyway
  • Workshop on DIY antenna-making

Action Items

  • Node crashing - Marc working on workaround
  • Exit server stops communicating
  • Server-client setup (Jeremy?)
  • Dan looking into uptimerobot
  • Ping guy who donated ethernet cable (Jenny)
  • Look into enclosures from open-mesh (Dan)
  • Set up mesh-dev list

Gratuitous Link Dump