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Peoples Open Meeting - 5 Sept 2017


state your name, what you've been up to, and your favorite form of labor

grant (favorite form of labor: painting), blake2 (just got node last week, had trouble), gregg (easy labor, new to mesh, wants to know more) eve (if she had a garden she would be in it), sierk (had no internet access for a week, helping things and society at large, things that are useful), blake (secure wifi protcols, militant labor) scott (childbirth, second choice: woodspliting), jorrit (thinking about workshop, no labor)


  • scott - disaster radio - did range test last night, got almost .5 mile
  • gregg - where can I get wifi right now from
    • grant - explained difference between node-to-node and normal " 65.7.65"
      • gregg - wants to help with ipV6, so he can talk to ipV6 to the internet
  • jorrit - thought on workshop, we keep coming up with diaster scenarios, but we don't need to travel far to find disasters, there's extreme poverty everywhere already, demonstrations, protest are a good example already
  • blake - someone asked before last berkeley rally if sudomesh could provide internet
    • sierk - recalls discussion of providing internet to the village homeless colony
      • jorrit - is it for communication between organizers
        • blake - walkie talkies were not working well because of static, most reverted to signalk
          • jorrit - make a list of needs and put it somewhere
            • sierk - scuttlebutt might also work in protest scenario, this is how we could test a disaster scenario
              • jorrit - these situations are perfect use case
                • blake - that is where twitter came from
  • sierk - bullitt put up bugs repo, will add a "bug" for a protest scenario deployment
    • jorrit - maybe we can sit down for 10 mins tonight and go over the needs for

list of needs:

  • overly over lan
  • encrypted
  • push to talk
  • messaging
  • limit access, there are bad actors
  • grant - a good application of [ gardenmesh]???
  • jorrit - but it needs voice?
  • jorrit - coins "demo mesh"
  • sierk - should make it broader than "demo" mesh.
  • jorrit - once it is working and working nicely, you can see what else you can use it for
  • sierk - make it extendable for more use cases than just demonstrations
  • scott - large number of users, and higher bandwidth utilties
  • blake - is there a source of truth, are there public keys, who controls access? central node? star topography?

--- a little intermezzo summarizing the demo mesh discussion --- some use cases for "demo mesh" - communicating at a protest

> shared trust between organizers / admins to create secured communication channel
> communication channel contains voice walkie-talkie / group-voice / text / listen
> communication channel contains text
> client runs on smart-phone
> use the 

some possible solutions

> need a mesh of individual client be provide flexible, reliable network (wifi)
> client needs to roam
> (scott) go-tennas 
> use same tech as counter-side is using - radios



  • grant - made updates with bullitt added a donate button
  • grant - invites comments on the meshguides pad above
  • grant - planning to update website before website
  • sierk - to work with grant on mailing list signup
  • gregg - how is in change of the website
  • grant - we all are - see
  • gregg - I see a broken link to map on the wordpress blog
  • gregg - do we have a coverage map?
    • grant/scott - we have a physical map with pins / no coverage map


here's the organizing notes for the -

  • jorrit - last week we discussed the order of proceedings listed in notes
  • grant - suggests bullitt's logo design contest idea
  • grant - does not want to do disaster radio talk, suggests that someone else should do a node mounting talk?
  • scott - wants to know the requirements and desires for food, needs to know a week in advance and monetary compensation
    • mediterraean food
    • fruit and pastries
  • jorrit - we haven't started the propaganda, where should we flyer and poster and post online.
  • eve and blake - will print flyers


grant - tried to get etherpad instance running on digital ocean ... and ... only 20GB available so not running yet

node mount

  • grant - got one node up at the hearth got it connected to TMI - almost a three node mesh.
  • blake - should we finish the node mount of last Sunday? when is the next node mount?
  • grant - will coordinate with Marc, contact Bullitt about Dave (Berkeley Hills) house visit last Thursday