Mesh/06 February 2014

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  Day changed to 07 Feb 2014
  00:04 < juul> THE SYSTEM IS WORKING
  00:05 < juul>  * sticker printing
  00:05 < juul>  * upstream bandwidth limiting
  00:08 < thundara> juul: Cool, can an outsider get / build the firmware yet?
  00:11 < jerkey> yay!!!!!!!!
  00:17 < juul> thundara: yeah, but we need to spend a couple of days going through and documenting better
  00:18 < juul> the idea is that you flash the standard sudo mesh firmware, then use the node-configurator to
set up the node
  00:20 < juul> so, in very brief: get the openwrt-firmware repo from sudomesh github, run prepare script,
run build script, flash resulting firmware (jffs version) onto your atheros node (only tested on picostation 2
hp and bullet 2 hp so far), then get the node-configurator from our git repo and follow the instructions 
in the readme
  00:20 < juul> those instructions may well be a bit lacking still


  • Jenny (tunabananas), Marc (juul), Jeremy, Noemie, Jacob, Dan, Chris, Luis, Deekoo, Matt


  • Marc has been working on the firmware, running into some issues regarding SSL certs and dates.
  • Marc has been developing the Free Store for creative commons media
  • Dan built a mesh in Somaliland with OTI
  • Dan has some servers he might be able to donate to the mesh!
  • Jeremy's been working on educational materials
  • Jeremy met a (!)millionaire(!) who's interested in the project
  • Noemie just arrived from France, is a documentary filmmaker and interested in filming a documentary of sudo room
  • Jacob to meet with Chris Mitchell - Telecommunciations as Commons, Institute for Local Self-Reliance
  • Jenny shared some documents on google drive (please ask if you want edit access)
  • Chris wants to flash a router tonight :)
  • Deekoo having trouble mirroring Subversion repositories
  • Luis working on the splash page


  • - one of the oldest ISPs in the Bay Area
    • Got a reply back from "Eric Dynamic" re: collaborating. They have a rooftop on 14th St and we could possibly have antennas there
  • Dragino - Shenzen production company producing nice, cheap indoor routers
  • Jacob soliciting suggestions re: role of municipal actors:
    • open access to utility poles
  • VillageTelco is wireless based telcom, OpenBTS is GSM based telcom software
  • BMX6 is the update to batman-adv

Action Items

  • Marc getting the firmware ready, fixing the last bug.
  • Jeremy and Jenny working on cards/flyers
  • Dan and Chris flashing routers
  • Deekoo logging into build server and poking at the build scripts
  • Luis working on splash page

Consensus items

  • We consensed that it is not allowed for our chair, secretary, treasurer or board of directors to publicly use their titles.


  • Jenny/Marc coordinate with Dan to pick up server donations
  • Flyer / bizcard design [Jenny/Jeremy]
  • Hack on Bylaws:
  • Finalize Board of Directors [Jenny]
  • Get a bank account [Jenny]

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