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Sudo Mesh meeting, 06 Oct 2015


  • maxb, jehan, peter b (good at CAD, engineer by day, writer by day), pete f, juul, alex p


  • maxb and paige met with Building Block Richmond Folks:
    • They have a "Digital Functionality and Access Working Group"
    • They were working with the internet archive previously to connect people/neighborhoods to their network, but basically hit a wall last year due to the force of nature that is Ralf
    • They have some new momentum around connecting folks, but have to sort of do so without the collaboration of the archive (they're gonna try to hop on the 2ghz open APs where possible)
    • Interestingly, the city of Richmond has taken a pretty serious interest in building their own infrastructure, so it might be easier to get in touch with them
    • The city might even be doing some fiber (maybe even fiber to the home)....

Compatible Home nodes

  • MyNet n750
  • MyNet n600
  • TpLink WDR4300
  • TPLink WDR3600
  • TPLink WDR3500 (needs more testing)

Compatible extender nodes

  • Ubiquiti Nanostation M2
  • Ubiquiti Nanostation M5
  • Ubiquiti Bullet M2
  • Ubiquiti Bullet M5