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Sudomesh meeting - 7 March 2017


  • 9
  • grant, jenny, jehan, will, dale, marc, andy, cedric & patrick

rwanda mesh

  • cedric and patrick are visiting from Rwanda, where they are wishing to build a widespread mesh network for local file-sharing of streaming video and other media content
  • co-founders of VugaPay, a Rwanda television app
  • much of their content at current is locally-produced live video broadcasts, not recorded


  • grant: almost have the virtual mesh demonstration working
  • jehan: working on the dashboard. parsing of command output is working and hooked into diagram.
  • marc: played with naming of nodes, considering using emoji to dilineate between the different nodes - but how compatible is that with different operating systems?
    • live test:
      • Windows 10: works!
      • Mac OS Lion and up: works
      • Ubuntu 14.04: doesn't work :( (at least not poop, caterpiller, duck
      • Arch: doesn't work :(
      • Android 5: could see caterpillar, poop but not spider or duck
      • Android 6: could see caterpillar, poop, spider but not duck
    • emojipedia - look up each OS' level of unicode support -
    • need to be under 15 bytes & at least 2 emoji, ideally v6.0
  • marc: we have a working map! still working on getting active status updates from the nodes
    • shane suggested a local geo-ip database, but is only approximate to 1 mile
    • will: i have a 60K mac address database

to do

  • order stickers, bizcards?
  • print & post more flyers for the byoi workshop