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Peoples Open Meeting - Jan 9, 2017


  • marc/juul - software, node mounts
  • helen - friend of mai, studied community informatics - worked on networks in east saint louis illinois
  • mai - community organizer, writer, artist intyerested in decent networks, involved in byoi
  • brian- commercial av integrator, pissed off about monoply, installition ninja, no roof experince, can build anything
  • scott - finished board -
  • carl - software dev, recently got gig with a fiber connection near hayward bart
  • sierk - did some newsletter and email Bill (buddington
  • divine - friend of jehan, works on althea, interested in getting internet access to disenfranchised people
  • jehan: i've been working on some rust code and have raspberry pis and will present them at byoi
  • grant: working on a lot of stuff, been a while since i've been back. working on drawngs and and worked on propaganda repo (it's been reorganized) *apologizes*
  • robb: interested in all decentralized things. helped with the node-mount this weekend. been working on some graphic assets for the live stream of BYOI
  • jenny - helped with node mount, :::noupdate!::: ...favorite password tunabananas...
  • jorrit: interested in the build your owninternet workshop stuf and i'm also doing other things
  • x - working on gardenmesh, on way out, just saying hi, will be around saturday morning if anyone wants to hack



node mount

    • jenny - mounted a nanobridge pointed at internet archive in Richmond, go an email back from brewster introducing to Jonah, saying we have permission to connect to their tower and mount equipment on, may also have access to Florida Ave tower, could see all the way to University and San Pablo intersection, may be able to see Chris J
    • marc - could see all of downtown berkeley, berkeley marina, node isn't fully up, because of power supplies issues. Dev's place was more difficult
    • sierk - dev suggested placing nodes near day laborers?
    • jorrit - is there a point person?
    • jenny - Chris J is available Jan 21st. i'm exicted about LOL/SOL space - in convo, potentially next week if their process moves quickly
    • marc - anyone who has access to spreadsheet can schedule a node mount
    • grant - there is also
    • mai - a larger conversation needs to be had about how we get people involved
    • scott - we spend a lot of time in meetings getting people started and teaching them and scheduling
    • jorrit - there's a lot of effort
      • ~jnny~ the perfect way is without difficulty. strive hard! ~woo~
    • mai - the fact that the group has *not* grown is important to note — why are people not continuing to come to meetings or getting more deeply involved? also since we are a non-profit, we could try to get people involved as funders
    • jehan - having 6 people show up at a node mount can be intimidating
    • marc - the main problem is having enough people who are comfortable scheduling and mounting nodes
    • scott - doesn't go because he doesn't want to stand around
    • marc - maybe we should have a checklist/guide for node mounts
    • mai - do we have a toolbox
    • jenny - yes! as of sunday a new army backpack for it, too, instead of the old flimsy blue backpack. will make an inventory checklist
      • jorrit - maybe could be part of byoi, a workstation?
  • jenny: also, we should promote our but we could also set up something more locally hosted -



  • grant - discuss in breakout group, checkout link for current plan

battery donantion

  • donation of a bunch of 3.3V Li batteries, might be useful for (can't explode or catch fire).
  • may also be some reserved for future omni solar panels

    • jenny - next conference call for probably on jan 29th
    • scott - finished new board design
    • marc - meetings are on mondays, 7ish pm
    • grant - got echo working on firmware

breakout groups

  • byoi / communications / outreach - sierk, mai, jnny, grant?
  • new folks - marc, brian, carl, divine
  • - scott, ?marc?