Mesh/10 March 2015

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Mo, Alex, Maxb, Marc, April, Jenny


  • Pico stations won't work for any functional production. It is a substandard piece of hardware. And considering our goals, they are inaequate.
  • Jenny and Marc ordered 6 western digital My Net routers , dual radio, powerful processers, $35/$39 each, no external antenna, $35 gets 100mbps.
    • They will serve as hubs for other gear we wish to attach. Allows the antenna to be bridged
    • Attach any kind of relay gear to this, attach your sexy mesh app
  • Mo removed the bandwidth restriction on tunneldigger and was getting about 40Mbit on new Pictostations (M2-HP)
    • Latest OpenWRT firmware doesn't enable N by default
  • Marc organized the fuck out of the mesh shelves
  • How do we add text to the map?

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