Mesh/11 April 2013

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  • Connor, Roman, Marc, Jenny


  • Update on current state of the project
  • Want to research the giant mesh projects in Germany and Athens
  • Roman advises against Ubiquiti UAP line. recommends Ruckus
    • Fon - large-scale initiative for sharing bandwidth / creating a global map of access points
    • CloudCracker


  • Hardware: Antennas, routers, rooftops

Low-Bandwidth Mesh

  • Decentralized Twitter, bootable USB with a map and messages being transmitted via software-defined radios

ISPs in the Bay Area

Action Items

  • Awesome Foundation Grant Proposal
  • Install new router at LOLspace (Roman)

Future Dates

  • April 18: Test satellite dishes w/ new wifi usbs, 5pm(?) at sudo
  • April 20-21(?): Install new node at LOLspace
  • May 6: One Laptop Per Child Dissertation Defense