Mesh/11 July 2013

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July 11th Meeting Minutes


  • Update on crowdfunding campaign [1]
  • Report-back on existing mesh: Jenny on OTI's Commotion project
  • Firmware overview
  • Name brainstorm! [2]
    • Set tentative deadline? Three weeks?


  • Marc, Mikey, Nader, Jenny, Miguel, Jacob, Mitar, MaxB


  • We now have $2,203.00 from the WePay, and still around 0.7 Bitcoins (about $70 depending on the date)


What we're doing

  • Mesh the east bay! (at least to start with....)
  • Batman-adv firmware at least for first deployment
  • Planning on getting bandwith donations in order to serve the internet to hosts.
  • Free to the "consumer"
  • Business ideas - local businesses could put small ads on splash page
  • VPN tunnels mean IPs could be hidden
  • TOR exit node? Limits liability

Today I learned

Firmware Stuff

How to Pitch to Community

  • Opening up / sharing your wifi for neighbors to use
  • Why paying twice, at home and when on move?


  • For 10$ you could vote on a name!
  • should it be independent of organization, geography, and hacker space?
  • SSIDEAL; Route-Around
  • Need to determine our organizational structure - non-organizationally-linked neutral name

Berkeley Co-op Folks

  • Would like first to mesh the houses
  • Would also dig potentially creating the link between houses and the Internet Archive link in Richmond

Technological Stuffs

Misc Notes

  • Newer Ubiquiti firmware
  • CJDNS -
  • VPN tunnels for directing mesh traffic
  • Look up legal liability w/ regards to traffic crossing "our" VPN
  • One VPN connection is enough for a largeish network
  • "Please choose the legal regime for your traffic"
  • cooperation between networks (sharing VPNs, group buys, ...)
  • Become a reseller, or make our own hardware

OTI network (Commotion)

  • Redhood Brooklyn + Detroit
  • useful in New York - Sandy
  • Tidepools
  • now concentrating in Detroit
  • small mesh networks, 8-9 nodes
  • Open??? networks (GSM)
  • inflatable towers for GSM -

Action Items

  • Tor

Post-Meeting Discussion Groups

  • wlan-slovenia & VPN etc;