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peoples open meeting - 11 july 2017


  • mario, casandra, bullitt, grant, jehan, scott, marc, jenny, sierk, daniel, eve, david (came to BYOI), xnybre, tom, jorrit, lesley


  • jnny: OOC got a reply back from the IRS re: 2014 late taxes - we owe nothing! still waiting on 2015 (yay!)
    • once we hear back re: 2015, we can have a board vote re: taking over OOC's 501c3
  • eve is now a *retired* sysadmin - party at jupiter, thursday night! (2181 Shattuck Ave Berkeley, CA 94704at Allston Way Downtown Berkeley)
  • panel on the Mozilla / NSF WINS grant
    • up to $400K what spend money on? - hardware, bandwidth, hardware production, server costs
    • working prototype deadline is june 2018, design deadline
  • daniel: 10 access points are up! installed many new data drops!
    • jenny: If anyone wants to help with cable management by the door. We're about to paint that whole area.
  • the garden mesh has been logging data from a plant in ccl onto the server
  • jorrit: moved next BYOI to 23rd of September
    • grant: proposed theme of 'off the grid'
  • marc: sudo room doesn't have a whole lot of activitiy these days. maybe mesh should just take over more of sudo room
  • discussion about whether we should or shouldn't lock the mesh area
    • rfid bracelets?
    • card swipe?
    • for now, jenny has a combo lock. will share code with the signal group (ask if you're not on it)
  • psychz has shut down our exit server, demanding proof that we're not hosting the infringing content. setting up new exit server tonight and tomorrow.
  • sonic is building out their own fiber - right now mostly in the mission - full gigabit, $70/month, sharing allowed
    • check for coverage area if you know anyone in SF who might have line of site to the east bay

breakout groups

garden mesh

  • mario, cassandra, jorrit, scott
  • grant: realized that to get the garden nodes meshing, they'd all have to be woken up at the same time
  • storage issue of storing all network info as well as all the sensor data

setting up new server

  • juul, david, tom, eve, lesley

working on ipv6 support

  • xnybre has experience, can help enable support for ipv6 on sudomesh home routers
  • jehan, eve, grantu

action items

  • add more folks to accounts@sudomesh (jorrit, scott, grant, jehan, ?)
  • send notice to mesh list that exit server is down [jenny]
  • provide proof for (screenshot the output of 'ls -r' at root?)