Mesh/11 September 2013

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  • Juul, Steve, Max, Chris, Jenny, Patrick

More thoughts on names:

   * --> SSID
   *People's Open Network
   *PONG? RooftopPONG?

Branding for People's Open Network

   *We now own,, and
   *Confirmed on SSID:
   *we need stickers

What we're working on now:

   *We have two working nodes at current, running through a Linode we can share access to for anyone who wants to experiment.
   *Fake captive portals on the exit nodes to welcome users to the mesh.
   *If disconnected from the Internet, can connect to the unique address of different nodes

From GuiFi:

   *Layer 2 doesn't scale beyond some limited number of nodes
   *Running BMX6 to connect between the nodes

Low Bandwidth Mesh

   *Using BeagleBones as receivers
   *Building transmitters
   *Meant to be used in emergency situations
   *Could transfer the app between Android phones using Bluetooth: