Mesh/12 December 2013

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December 12th Hacknight


  • Deekoo, Jeremy, Jenny, Maxb, Marc, Daniel, Deekoo, Xavier, Luis


  • Jenny and Matt went to SF State to give a presentation on Sudomesh to a computer networking for business students class. Went well! It was 40 minutes long and there was a lot of eye contact! No sleeping in the back!!
    • For future presentations we could set up a mesh!
    • Internships!
    • Prof is interested in tinkering with 802.11s + library in a box
  • MaxB working on the build server & firmware generator - ready to do a new walkthrough for creating nodes
  • Deekoo has gotten the Nanostation working (can pick up MonkeyBrains 5GHz from 2 miles away!), Nanobridge not working, wants to do range testing
    • We could run the PoE off of old laptop batteries! Mounted on a pedicab! Bandwidth/speed test + spectrum analysis
  • Luis is working on setting up / learning about BATMAN, interested in working on client-side interfaces
  • Jeremy + Daniel did a bunch of video interviews this past weekend! Interested in education + outreach
  • Daniel applied for us to receive a donation of 3 racks, 13/14 hard drives
  • Jenny + Matt + Mitar spoke with Ralf from Internet Archive - Notes to be put on wiki -
  • Marc has been finishing up the node configurator, let's test it on a router tonight!
    • Also working on stickers with basic info such as private SSID + password, admin login info
  • Xavier interested in applications of mesh for activism


  • Add a link on the site for "I'd like to get an intro to the mesh"
  • Talk to technology coordinators in schools
  • Local applications still in need of a portal page; Luis wants to help design the frontend
  • Tech Support: Send or bring us your router and we'll give you a node
  • Daniel suggests a block party to test the range of the mesh!
  • Talk to people who own properties about mounting nodes on the rooftops.
    • Inspiration from the FNF - convinced the owner of a housing complex to provide free Wi-Fi, after which point the chronically empty apartments were filled!


Action Items