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Peoples Open Meeting - 12 Sept 2017


state your name, what you did today, and what you'd like to learn?

Scott - sweaty today in humidity - like to figure out how to help with open source - would like to code - don't know where to start ... (Jehan suggests to look into babeld olsr, batman) - see

Sierk - played around with vector tiles and maps / downloading maptiles / vector tiles / try to fit into ESP8266 / distributed thing that is stored onto sd cards connected to ESP8266 / combine vector tiles with secure scuttlebutt ; mailchimp now integrated in website "get the newsletter" ; had meeting with disaster-radio, ssb and mapeo folks in context of nsf/mozilla grant (see for meeting notes) ; planning to send a newsletter to announce for the byoi at 23 Sept 2017 ; pulled an all-nighter so I didn't realize that it was actually muggy.

Tom - studied for my teaching credentials today - would like to learn how to configure peoplesopen nodes to work on the regular internet (i.e., ethernet cable) - sierk suggests to send a email to the mailing list to ; like cats ;

Will - I live up the street, have a node setup. would like to help with byoi organizing; - BYOI #3 is set up on secure scuttlebutt as a gathering - BYOI #3 is set up on facebook as an event

Jehan - I've been working on incentivized mesh prototype - modified babeld to include credits metrics - hoping to get ready for byoi / working on planning + projections how much to earn / give ISP a reason to extend network with mesh at the edges of the network / play around with business plans ; sweaty

Jorrit (recorder) - was thinking about maslow's pyramid in context of formulating disaster radio use-cases ; a way to categorize and sort ; omnicommons has activities that addresses physiology or broadest level of the maslow pyramids ; discussion around use-cases ;

Workshop BYOI 23 Aug 2017

  • Sierk - bycicle smoothy from food not bombs - weekly cheeseboard pickup / trying to get veggies - after Wednesday before workshop should have idea of what is donated
  • Scott - budget for food? $50 ~20 people
  • Jorrit - hoping to make a shopping list

Node Mount Sundays

  • Jehan - when is the next one? - Will coordinate next one.
  • need to get outdoor cable - scott: grant ordered some more

Scott suggesting to play around with Data Mule -