Mesh/13 February 2014

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Feb 13th Hacknight


  • Jenny, Luis, Jeremy, Evan, Daniel, Juul, Deekoo, Jacob, Noemie, Simone, Ronald, ChrisJ, Matt, Danny


  • Jenny to finalize Board of Directors, wants to sketch out a road map and a intro flyer
  • Luis working on a splash page (for the fake captive portal)
  • Jeremy sent out draft of business cards, wants feedback
  • Daniel working on the video
  • Juul finished up the firmware last week! Finishing auto-printing and writing lots of documentation!!
  • Deekoo creating a system for replicatable builds
  • Jacob working on outreach - Chris Mitchel - Telecommunications as Commons - fiber networks in the US are generally public utilities and very conservative, unwilling to try new things. However thought our project could work well with a public service utility.
  • Noemie is working on our video
  • Juul continuing work on the - Github repo here:
  • ChrisJ got his node running last week through the node configurator!
  • Matt to focus on wiki


  • BART dark fiber as the backbone, bootstrapped by a venture-backed for-profit
  • People buying infrastructure themselves
  • Network Commons License
  • How do we deal with security?
    • We route traffic through a VPN using tunneldigger
    • Someone suggested running a VPN on Amazon web services
    • Could run OpenVPN on the exit node
    • Could offer folks to go through Tor once reaching the exit node
    • What kind of services/companies should we support?
    • Deekoo: Personally hates Amazon, but software should be vendor-neutral. We have to assume any exit node is potentially surveillable anywhere
    • Ronald recommends Suggests maybe incorporating in Iceland?
    • Marc and Jenny suggest offering options for nearby, faster service or longer-latency,
      • CYOEN
    • Luis uses AirVPN (based in Italy), they keep no logs
    • We could also run our own servers, and booby-trap them!
    • Several folks mistrustful of Amazon
  • Emphasis on our values
  • ISP Cooperative
    • Reach out to SELC and EFF

Finalize Board of Directors:

    Accepted: MaxB, ChrisJ, Marc, Jenny, Matt, Jeremy, Luis, Jake, Lilia, Jacob(?)
    Awaiting Response: Rhodey, Jake, Daniel jake responds OK


  • Ping Eric Dynamic

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