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people's open network meeting? - 13 June 2017


mario (plant biology group counter culture labs), daniel (networking, wondering about reduce to amount switches using vlan), bullitt (will rule the world. steert fair. buttons!), tom (interested in building a mesh), sierk (apps and content on the mesh, outreach, networking infrastructure, homeless encampments), jake (downtime I will, solutions/ indicator for our nodes not connected to the internet -- people unplug/ makes us look bad,- important, left early), jehan (got a haircut, attended battlemesh in Vienna, configure encrypted tunnel to, playing games with meshed nodes with lights, latency games maybe something to try workshop), scott (saw battlemesh online videos online including ipv6 routing protocol "6lowpan" for lowpower devices; freifunk's mppt solar charger (open source, useful for nodes and disaster radio)), grant (beyond bummed because just fried little $9 screen, don't want talk about it, got cheaper LoRa's low bandwidth, high range <$10 RF649?, street fair), jorrit (attended street fair, suggest to make propaganda box) cassandra (plant biology, interested in plant widget, get omni signed up for plant donations, mom of shiloh)

agenda: introductions/update updates - plant-box (mario, cassandra) - use to have something that gives feedback when no physically present - we have sensors that log already and need some idea of how sudomesh folks can help to create a independent

light/dark cold/hot wet/dry sensors cost constraints - 2 pack $150 retail weatherproofing/ erosion in soil

   --> follow up? possible test-bed for disaster radio in a relatively controlled setting with collaboration in counter-culture labs -> Mario send out proposal on the mailing sudomesh with links (Sierk, Scott, Grant, Bullitt showed interest) 

- workshop shopping list

   - email mailing list for general items (keep actionnetwork or switch to an internal emaillist "peoplesopen")
   which infrastructure to use? why not keep both - e
   which name to use? proposal - "peoplesopen-announce" (sierk to ask signal) 
   "" forward through ""
   - (bullitt) emphasize practical usage of the peoplesopen / mesh, address in workshop, how it related to the attendees

breakout discussion groups (do something useful)