Mesh/13 November 2014

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  • Morgan came by. We signed him up for the mailing list. He's into radio and making his own antennas. He might help us mount some nodes.
  • We ordered some stuff. See finances spreadsheet.
  • We talked about having a recurring sunday node-mounting day. No firm decision but people were positive about the idea.
  • We did an inventory of what we have an what we need for node-mounting in terms of tools and nuts and bolts and such. Alex will put the list online.

Media Outreach

  • East Bay Express

Radio Stations

  • CALX
  • KPFA
  • KPOO - private station in SF modeled on KPFA
  • Gerald recommends creating a small program / podcast and posting it online that radio stations can air
  • villagecraft speaker invitation 22nd 7pm
  • CWN Summit list, Battlemesh list,