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People's Open Network Weekly Meeting - November 13, 2018 7:30pm-9pm


  • Introductions and Meeting Roles (10 mins)
  • Check in on previous action items (5 mins)
  • Updates & Reportbacks (20 mins)
  • Next Sunday (5 mins)
  • Proposal X: (15 mins)
  • Discussion Y: (15 mins)
  • Discussion Z (15 mins)
  • Action Items (5 mins)
  • Breakout Groups


Introduce yourself: Name; Preferred Pronoun; Icebreaker Response; BRIEF Announcements

  • Icebreaker question: do you like icebreaker questions?
  • Benny - he/him - omw, running late. I like *good* ice breaker activities. I think it might be fun to do icebreakers with the person next to you instead of with the whole group.
  • Lesley - probably like 10-20% of the time, I learn really interesting things about people. The other times I wonder why we're doing this.
  • scott - my initial reaction is maybe I don't like them, but they can be fun. I feel like we need to do more about pooling good ones. Maybe instead of favorites we could say "topics you feel enthusiastic about." "Favorite" always messes me up.
  • steven - No strong opinion?
  • jorrit - I think icebreakers are kinda nice, when there's a lot of ice to be broken.
  • null - I like icebreakers the candy. My grandma bought candies.
  • robb - I think they're good, especially if there's a lot of people and you want to start off light.
  • seth - he/they - icebreakers are cool
    • posted a kml file of the path from here to paxio
  • ben - he/they - can be pretty cool, give us some nice stories to tell about each other excuse to be a little less business for a few minutes
  • jenny - she/her - Vote for Disaster.Radio in the ISOC Chapterthon popularity contest! Must be an ISOC member:
  • juul - he/him - like em. don't like "what's your favorite this or that?"p
  • Eve - yeah, sure I guess

Meeting Roles

Check in on previous action items

Check previous meeting minutes at and past action items below:

  • Email Jonah re: what kind of routing configuration we plan to have for our Archive mount (benny?)
    • Done! Jonah replied today:
      • via Jonah today: "I can give you 4U and up to 5A@120V based on how things are wired right now (note that the existing rack is round-hole mount, but I can give you a shelf if needed for the short term), but I'll be rearranging some equipment in the space soon and we could potentially expand that. We do not currently have a UPS for the space these devices will be in (there is a UPS backup for the power feed to the radio tower, but it's not good for more than 10-15min at load, so will get you through one of our occasional power blips but not a true outage) -- if you want to start with just the routing equipment and it's fed off of low-voltage DC, these devices are surprisingly good for minimal routing installations: "
  • Eventbrite event (Benny)
  • Meeting to configure servers for Archive mount 3pm Wed Nov 7 (juul, et al)
    • Happened!
  • Add BYOI to Omni Calendar (jenny?)
  • Poster + fliers (Benny)
    • Bringing tonight. Made w/ Grant + Martin.
  • Insurance details - jehan, ben, jenny
  • Purchase gear for Jason's install - lesley, ben
    • ben - met to discuss gear to get, not ordered yet
    • lesley: saw AT&T truck laying fiber to Jason's building the other day. probably need to order a gigabit router if we don't have one.
      • marc: sounds like a 60GHz link would be the way to go

Updates & Reportbacks


Priority bugs we need help with are located at: - For a high-level overview of recent Github activity, see the Trello:

Node Mounts & Outreach

Node Mounts Trello:

  • juul purchased most of what we need for the mobile node 4 village:
    • company we were going to order the 4G modem from had a lightening strike a few days ago, so assembling a slightly more janky but still functional assembly
      • $110/120 20mAh battery near Scott's place
      • juul talked to folks in hawaii & bill who've both been using calyx for their internets
  • Scott: all power labs seem cool about putting something on their roof. they just won this google x thing so seemed a bit frazzled. we could go take a look on the roof and see if we can see the tower.

Communications & Events

Comms Trello: // Events Trello:

  • DevSummit begins tomorrow at 9am thru Friday! Jenny, null, nanomonkey, benny attending - anyone else?
    • Benny made flyers!

Internal Logistics / Finance

Internal Logistics & Bureaucracy Trello:

  • jenny, ben, jehan are working on the insurance application
  • null did a bunch of inventorying this past sunday - help out! the software has both iOS and android apps - the software is called AssetTiger ( There is a general sudomesh username/password that i can share -Null

Next Sunday

We host office hours every Sunday from 1-3pm in Sudo Room, and often arrange a rooftop node mount.



  • lesley - gluten free stuffing / lentils
  • scott - some food
  • null - willing to help cook but doesnt have kitchen
  • juul / jnny - big pot of something warm/spicy, lotsa seltzers & sodas & such
  • seth - stuffed grape leaves


  • intro (jenny)
  • short talk (eenblam)
  • presentation of librerouter (nico)
  • video recording (robb)


  • cable-crimping booth (robb,
  • cow/chicken booth (jorrit)
  • t-shirts (seth)
  • tunneldigger lab booth (eemblam)
  • extender node setup
  • swag booth (autnomeow?)
  • node flashing?
  • TCP postcards + maybe relay race (benny)
  • something else (you!)
  • mapping? (jenny)
  • front door (robb, seth, benny)
  • Benny - I'll arrive at 12:30pm to start setting up

60 GHz gear

Be aware that max bandwidth as stated in the specs is usually _combined_ throughput. This means that you need to cut this in half to get actual max throughput.

Action Items

  • Contact potential node in East Bay Hills (deep east) - Jenny
  • Ask sierk about BYOI - benny
  • check in for paxio e-mail reply
  • go to internet archive and install servers
    • measure how much power our setup uses
    • buy UPS

Breakout Groups

At the end of the meeting, break out into small groups to hack on or discuss specific topics.

Last Meeting Notes

End of Meeting