Mesh/14 March 2017

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Sudomesh meeting - 14 March 2017


  • grant, eve, will, daniel, jenny, juul, jefdaj, fred


  • grant & jorrit working on intro guides for 1) community organizers, 2) tech support, 3) software devs
  • will working on presentation overview - references
  • need more folks to hold down the different stations
    • grant & jenny volunteer to do crimping station
    • marc & daniel doing mounting station
  • marc talked to a reporter from NPR, wants to do an interview
    • talking points - access for people who can't afford it; disaster resiliency; community ownership
  • can anyone fork the Wigle app to make it anonymize the db?
    • grant volunteers
  • 13 eventbrite tickets, 27 going / 136 interested in fb.

action items

  • everyone post more flyers up in their neighborhood!