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Peoples Open Meeting - 15 Aug 2017


  • jenny
  • howard (came because he saw the ssid at noisebridge :)
  • tom, i like cats and music and here i'm hoping to help out with the actual insallation of the infrastructure an flashing nodes.
  • alex, here to visit my family
  • gwen member of secure scuttlebot consortium. a yogi. newly in oakland (but lived here in the past), arrived five days ago. recommends minbase, patchfoo, aninstance of git-ssb which is created & maintained by @cel, patchfoo, patchbay
  • everett: also in the ssb consortium. also fresh off the boat into oakland. for the fourth time i've moved here. first sudo mesh. have played around with cjdns for about five years, been in and out of that community.
  • sierk: i do stuff.
  • robb: he/him, first sudomesh meeting. interested in secure networks / p2p video streaming.
  • noffle: i do javascript and node. p2p offline tech: mapping and collaborative text editing. known about sudo mesh for a long time but never been to a meeting.
  • bullit: been talking to folks about antennas and linking across the bay between SF and east bay. we should definitely try a link.
  • marc/juul - work on the firmware and DirsasterRadio, excited to install more nodes and try to link across the bay. re: noisebridge sharing bandwidth, some folks worried about the reaction from their provider, monkeybrains, who provide the bandwidth for free.
    • blake: noisebridge is already sharing internet through CommunityNet
  • scott/nanomonkey - just rubberducking
  • grant - working on hardware mostly recently. helped with node install on sunday. been working on gardenmesh recently.
  • jorrit - just back from hiking, mosquito mesh. worked a bit on gardenmesh, organizing workshops. do code a bit. talk to jorrit or grant if you'd like an overview of the project.
  • blake / cowlicks: interested in secure wireless protocols


  • need more 5GHz gear - nanostation M5 & M2 - NOT THE LOCOS,

byoi workshop #3

  • moved from 2nd Saturday to 3rd Saturday in September because of Anarchist Book Fair, good reason to clean up sudoroom and hold test run of BYOI demos

mini-BYOI week before big BYOI


  • jorrit: collab started at temescal street fair with someone (mario) from counter culture labs, extended into a working prototype at the last BYOI workshop. recently folks started working toward a grant, and discussion of possible business model... good time to develop concrete policies around software licensing, how money is spent, monetization of our project, etc;
  • sierk: found the discussion kind of problematic... responses seemed to be unfounded in prior discussions. had a lot of discussion around the first video - not a lot of productive feedback, some criticism, not enough help on the grant app. lots of negative feedback, very discouraging.
    • jorrit: challenge was how to feed 9 billion people. idea was that gardenmesh would solve this problem - i responded with detailed responses to the script.
      • sierk: there were 2 versions of the script - some things added in divine's version mentioning data collection were problematic... told mario from the beginning this grant seemed like a long shot
    • bullitt: lots of peoples invested in the project, and it's not just about the grant.


  • use signal group only for real-time coordinating
  • switch to mostly using the mailing list and blog posts


  • jorrit: interested in exploring possible integrations / use between the two projects
  • juul: thinking of collaborating with ssb on the grant for DisasterRadio, involving SSB as well as collaborative mapping.
  • juul: will send out a scheduler/doodle

breakout groups

  • sudo mesh / ssb intro: now
  • next sunday's node mount: meet at 9:30 in sudo to discuss
  • workshop planning: 9:10pm

action items

  • solder a few more disasterradio nodes
  • install another hard drive in our 2 new VPNs that we're setting up.
  • start a thread re: group decision-making processes