Mesh/15 January 2015

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Marc, Praveen, Alex, Chris, Martin (HacDC)


  • Review last meetings action items
  • Planning for "retreat"
    • Jan 24th + 25th
    • Agenda?
    • Warehouse near Lake Merritt
    • Creating strategies?
    • Sprinting on firmware
  • Consolidating To-Dos, especially for newbies (tech and non-tech)
  • Updates on Babel firmware
  • Whitehouse broadband?
    • We need a plan!!
  • Node installation updates
    • Chris' house in kensington facing SW
    • A few on Adeline
  • Nick's needs ethernet jacks crimped
  • Marc's House
  • Pete Forsyth's house on side of house

Babel Firmware

We need to figure out addressing

  • All "mesh" interfaces on nodes have same IPs?
  • Different IPs/subnets for adhoc/open/tunnel interfaces?

Maxb has branches on github for barrier-breaker + babel

  • They probably need some polishing and/or fixing

Route distribution broadcasting metrics?

Action Items

  • Mounting on Will's House
  • Mounting on April's warehouse
  • Look into aluminum tubing
  • HamFest for aluminum/fiberglass tubing
  • Converting batman-adv firmware to-do list to babel
  • List of HAM towers
  • Maybe when we're a little further along - approach HAM radio groups


  • We have to file!
  • Extra paperwork to enforce our tax-exempt stuffs?